Integral is not the same as Integrity

Integral is not the same as Integrity!

Integral is not the same as integrity, but they can be used in the same sentence. Like in house construction or in politics; or in life itself. A group of people, the Occupiers, or gangs share an integral base, but they don’t have integrity.
So with that thought, what if today’s accepted normal is a reflection of your moral compass, would today’s social actions make you hate the term, ah, it’s just normal? Would you say that society had a true moral compass, or that society has an insane quantity of integrity? But everyone can agree that society is integral, if by nothing else, sheer numbers!
It should make you hate the term, it’s just normal, if you want integral strength in society that is. Look at a house, inside the walls and between the ceiling and the roof, the studs and rafters give the house integral strength, but is the house more of a shack, or is the house a home, or, is the house meant to be just a shelter from the storm?
Integrity, that is what will define the structure, from a shack, home or structure; the amount of integrity put in to the house is what will define the outcome of the house and it’s sustainability through its years of use. Just like anyone can pound a nail in a 2×4, anyone can be a citizen, but wouldn’t it be better if they were better than the most inept carpenter, especially when they are voting on your way of life and how you’re going to live it.
Equating the above to life is easy, if someone lives a violent life, then their end may be violent; no integrity. If someone falls to drugs, then they will dumb down, retaining little knowledge in their life experience; no integrity. If someone follows the path of greed and power, they will have the similarity in their quality of their friend’s; no integrity.
The meaning of Integral, is whatever is necessary to make whatever the Whole is Complete, given the recent history, say any time this side of the Second World War; what is our society as a Whole missing?
Anyone watching the news on a daily basis, watching television shows and movies on a regular basis, or simply watching people on a daily basis; well they have to admit, society is missing something, simply by society’s continual actions.
The religion part of society would say God, that might be true, but it’s not. Even though we live in a godless society, it’s not God that’s missing, in the biblical accounting of society, God is allowing us as a Whole to live out what we feel is right; doing so is given credence in the Bible.
The more logical think tank side would say education, but what is being taught about society is imbalanced, an example would be bullying, we take away the thought of Action and Reaction, because we deplore violence. Yet we as a society watch more crime shows, and combative shows such as boxing or cage fights than we watch wholesome life affirming shows; mainly because they don’t make enough money in viewership to saturate the television with quality entertainment.
So what is the answer, what are we missing, what is the key element that society is missing?
Again, Integral is not the same as Integrity, but they can be used in the same sentence, like the gangs and politicians, there is strength in numbers, look at the Whole of society, there are the masses, made up of the silent majority. The political base made up of the power elite with their selective hearing, and the lobbyists pushing for political clout to pass anything and everything as long as it keeps them happy and gives them more political clout, most of which the general public never knows what is being shoved through congress, or what will be shoved down the throats of the silent majority in the not so distant future.
What is missing in the above is Integrity, from the masses to the politicians, there is little integrity. The thing that should be said, especially to the older crowd that feel that their time on this earth is short, to sit back and say, I won’t be here that long so it won’t bother me!
Whatever way you look at it, words like that come from selfish and non caring people, there is absolutely no dignity, respect, or Integrity in those words that some older people say, when the don’t care because their time may be short. So much like the president when leaving office, they sign a bunch of bills, they pardon a bunch of people, throw in some executive orders and a vacation or two to some sunny location; leaving the masses to clean up the mess. That older crowd will do the same at times, in the day when they should have been thinking, speaking and voting for the future, they rather wanted to sit silent, following the popular liberal flow from the 1960’s to now, from peace and love to politics as usual.
And now that they are older, facing the reality of age, looking at what they have created; they sit back in their readiness to leave this earth, leaving the mess for the masses. No integrity! Ever wonder why a portion of the younger citizens don’t care the way they should? Well they’ve been taught not to via the actions of society, they have been taught well regardless how sad their unknown future might prove itself to be.
You can’t get Integrity from a lack of Integrity, but, if the older crowd, anyone over the age of twenty-five, starts to understand the adhesive qualities of Dignity and Respect; then and only then will society have Integrity. But, it starts at home, that’s where the kids will learn the value of Integrity in their lives, they will see it in our treatment of others, and in their family.
Teach them well adults of the world, teach them well.

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