Show some Appreciation ( For the young adults of the future.)

Show some appreciation (For the young adults of the future.)

One day, and faster than you may think, you will be in charge of your lives; all that you do will be yours, every action in all that you create will be yours.
Your efforts to stay clear of the toxicity of society will be difficult, toxic manners are everywhere these days, and accepted widely, but very disruptive to your future years if followed. The best way to avoid the societal manners that destroy the future that will one day be yours; is to learn and appreciate all that is around you. That will never mean that you must accept the bad that is around you, just because everyone is doing something, everyone’s participation will never mean that that something is kool. Run by the old but true adage: If everything is Kool, then nothing is Kool!!!
Understand that everything you see others do, understand that most of those that you see doing the drugs, drinking the alcohol, among other things, they are not independent; they are simply following the crowd. When you get to be my age, when people lose their cute or charming youthful looks, you will see where their following has taken them, with their illnesses, they depression, and their addictions controlling their lives; while they willingly and wanting desperately to hide the life they have built from those that knew them way back when. Spending the bulk of their day’s and nights running from their disappoints and regrets, fighting or running from themselves via their own choices made.
Oh children of the future, you have two compasses, one for your heart and soul, the other is your moral compass; take the time to make sure they both point true north!
Appreciate those (Parents, siblings, teachers and counsellors,) that take the time to listen and that care enough about you to be honest with the direction you may be heading, because the older that you get, the less you will see of those kinds of people in your life; at some point, as with anyone, you will be on your own.
Always know that we never know what life has in-store for us, there are no crystal balls for anyone. It is important that you make the Best of your life every day, by not following the crowd you will be able to concentrate more on what is important to you.
In that light, love honestly, but never losing you in the process. Make dignity and respect part of your life, knowing that if you give both, then you must receive both in return. With those that are important to you, family, friends and spouse; live like it’s the last day of your life; in other words, never leave distance filled with anger and neglect between you and them. Learn something every day, no matter if it’s a different word from the dictionary, the name of a local bird in the yard, or parts of a new song; learn something. Learn how to listen to others, learn how to talk to others, without disrespect or degradation.
If there were a list of things to avoid, I guess it would go something like this:
Love in your life is paramount, it’s more sought after than anything in our lives. You can not buy love, love is not free, love should never be given freely, love can not be given freely because the price always gets paid in the heart and the soul. Love can not be bought, love is a heart and soul investment that will change your life in such a profound way that you will let go of anything before you let go of the love you carry for your spouse.
Before you give away that almost truly a once in a lifetime experience of an honest love, take the time to think, get to know the eyes, their color, their shapes of the one you love. Get to know how their voice sounds, how they speak, are you stuck in high school, or are you being real and honest with your words like a mature person should be. Get to know their smile, their cheekbones, their chin, their freckles. You don’t do those things like you are buying a car, if you love, with an honestly love, you will want them in your life, for life.
Then one day, years and decades down the road after building a life together, the honesty of life will knock on your door, one will go to heaven; and one will stay behind. All the memorization of the eyes, the shapes of their mouth, their hair and all the changes through the years; they will be the best pictures you will ever have of the one that you love with your whole heart and soul. The inward pictures, the memories, the places, the smells and the sounds; they will someday enhance any framed picture you have sitting on a tabletop. Love is always more than the intimacy two people can share, a fact that the following crowd always ignores, but fully understands the day after in their alone and wasted hours.
Live your life being creative, don’t buy things because they are the latest and greatest, make what you vision or dream, but you and the love of your life, you do it together; you’re both making something together, and that includes memories. But use the knowledge that you gathered before your union with the love of your life that works beside you. That’s why it’s so important to shun society’s ways and learn, explore, expand your knowledge of both useful knowledge and the knowledge of life. It is so sad to look at people in their fifties and sixties, knowing their knowledge of life wouldn’t fill a thimble, what was their life meant for, certainly not to just take up space here on this earth.
Always know that there is not or ever has been a perfect man or woman, they have never existed, beautiful and handsome, those are just words, always look at the soul and the heart. The beautiful and the handsome, they aren’t worth a plug nickel if you aren’t happy, just know that everyone has a scar somewhere.
Appreciate the history of things, like buildings, old art deco items, old homes, old cars. Try to envision the craftsman that created what you see, try to emulate it. Ask your family to go on an adventure to see up close and personal the items of the past. So many people today can’t even turn a screw into a wall these days, but they know how to turn on a computer and find a handyman to turn the screw. Get an old car and rebuild it, you will learn so much in the ways of appreciation and knowledge, and then like one of my own children; they may truly appreciate the classic, though souped up a bit, the classic car that I will someday leave behind.
Put good people in your life, not for power or to build your self esteem, that would be shallow, this world is filled with shallow and arrogant people; does the world really need one more, and does it really have to be you? Or, ask yourself if you can be better? The answer would be Yes!
Pick people that can teach and challenge you in a positive way, don’t follow the crowd, follow positive people; don’t follow the drug or the bottle, nothing good has ever been found at the bottom of a bottle or the end of a needle. Those of age that are worth their salt, they worked and earned the knowledge of practical experience of life, those are the people you seek. They may be in your family, or they may be outside of the family; they may be a combination of both. Seek and keep the good in your life.

In the end of every man or womans life, it is always their own disappointments and regrets that they see in the back pages of their lives, strive to live your life free of both, while those around you collect both, you don’t have to be them. Never do you have to be them, you were born together in God’s own design; in that, know that you can be better than society’s view of what humanity should be.
Don’t ever say you can’t, say you can learn what you don’t know; then prove that you can. But do so with an honest love of knowledge, life, and yes . . . Love!!

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