Where do Barber’s get their hair cut?

Where do Barber’s get their hair cut?

People are always quick to point out the wrongs of others, but never quick to point out or even look at their own wrongs. For me that lesson goes way back to the 1950’s, so it’s nothing new, but with the smugness of people today; it’s worse, we’re all so good.
Taking time to think of what we know of others is not a strong suit of many, but there is a whole lot of time spent on the Self of many; just not in a life affirming way. See the life affirming aspect of life never cares if we are pretty or handsome, skinny or fat; save those takes on life for the Kardashian’s of the world.
When seeking deep thought of life, everything comes from the mind or the soul for which is always connected to the heart, so why not use the mind while thinking more from the heart and soul; rather than emotion and popularity.
Thought: People are flocking to Vegas for the fight of the century, the people that can’t go there will spend a hundred bucks or better to watch it at home; now that is just the beginning cost, what will the parties, motel room, airfare and gas cost a person. Just to watch two grown men fight?
Just west of the arena, where some blood will be spilled, illegal and legal money will be trading hands, among other popular societal issues in that arena area, good or bad they will happen; just west of there in California is a drought that has yet to be fully understood by the public at large. Ranchers, farmers, landscapers, fire fighters, they will all be touched by the drought; but so will everyone when they checkout at the grocery store.
Too depressing to talk about that stuff, droughts, food cost, yeah; rather watch the fight, and win or probably lose a bet.
Thought: Be careful of what thoughts you run from or ignore, that would change ignorance into stupidity; Chemtrails ring a bell here, how about Politics, how about the condition of society?
Ignorance is not knowing something, stupidity is not learning something, well kinda; being smart would tell you that you need to learn more and where to get the gumption and wherewithal to do so.
Look at the weather, droughts covering California all the way to Oregon and Washington; California supplies so much of the country’s food, from stakes to veggies, yes fruits and nuts too (get over it, I’m talking about the eating kind). Since we have been blessed with Chemtrails, our weather has become worse, but predictable day by day, kinda like when the planes fly overhead; you just know it’s going to rain tomorrow.
Now a week ago, there was snow falling in the Midwest, the east coast citizens are probably still digging out of this past winter with their huge piles of snow, but Mt. Hood in Oregon, it’s so dry that the roads that take you through the area remind you more of spring, for which we are in Spring; but they were like that all winter. People in the area rely upon the runoff from the mountain, the same as Shasta in California.
Haven’t heard anyone think deep enough around me, asking Why there’s such a drastic difference in weather habits, or if we are balancing the weather because of Global Warming, then why is it so bad, it’s like the pendulum always swings to extremes. Hmm, is it more political, than earthly salvation? If so, then why aren’t the Earth-Nik’s up in arms, being a Lobbyist must pay pretty good, if they don’t want to raise their voice.
Thought: Why is that God is a four letter word, and that all those nonbelievers shove their disbelief down our believing throats? That statement sounds angry in a way, but it’s not. Unlike some people, I think fighting is futile, even the Vegas kind, war even more so; War takes the victory out of everything, in total reason, because of needless death. That is not to say that our soldiers overseas are wrong, or that they are being fatally injured for nothing, freeing people and saving your own should never be considered nothing. But if that war turns political, or a product of big business or some religious misleading, then the war is futile and needless.
But the same applies with God, mention God, and the world around us comes apart; “Dont talk about God to me, I hate that stuff!!!” All you may have been saying is “God willing and the creek don’t rise. . .” Got to understand people these days, Faith is just not that popular these day’s, but you know what, a huge amount of our military men and women learn how to pray overseas, but us civilians, well, unless it’s facing some moron that loves needless violence against anyone of any age or gender, well people just think God’s a myth, like that Bloody Mary thing, someone should tell Christ his Bloody Death was for Nothing; he may have missed the point of it all in all that commotion and frolic back in the day. If people could only wrap their mind around the difference between true Faith and man’s religion, they just might find out God isn’t such bad topic; better to get to know God now before worrying about making it to heaven after they punch their ticket.

Thought, thought is good, but do so with depth, with feeling, learn whatever the thought teaches you to enhance your life experience, to help you understand those around you,; but do so with an open mind. The open mind gathers more knowledge, about you as well as those around you. Thinking about those around you, how many people in our personal lives, do we let down because we won’t by choice make the effort to understand them without trying too hard to protect our overly precious egos? How many of those people are . . . Family?

What does any of this have to do with where barber’s get their hair cut? Nothing really, unless it’s something you really want to know. As for me, it was just a thought I had, other than that, I really don’t care; I just know that they all would have bad haircuts if they didn’t go and have someone else do the cutting. That gives me a thought, we live in a society built on a reliance of others, now there is a . . . Thought.

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