Just once, bring a baby up to be human…

Just once bring a baby up to be human.

Now I am not declaring a grab for the rights to old television shows like Ozzie and Harriet, or Mayberry RFD. But I will tell you, back then, as a kid, things were a whole bunch better then they are now; in a way, the world made better sense then.
From then to now, there is a total breakdown of true Independence, people are not independent these days; the major reason why we see less independence, is because we can’t get independence from Indifference.
Back to the race-riots this country has seen over the past year or so, it’s atrocious; everyone hates what they represent, and their outcomes. The cost alone to the public is stagering, but what we don’t see never matters right? Such as the cost of uncivilized disobedience, not quite what Henry David Thoreau would call responsible action to quash some thing or action that’s depleting the quality in everyone’s lives.
So where do these unseen forces, that attack our ways of life, come from?
Us so-called human adults, that’s where those forces come from. They are not evil or demonic forces, they are not sent from some dark side of life, coming from some hole in the ground called a gate to Lucifer and his henchmen.
Us childish, complacent adults. Thinking about our own words, our own actions, with whatever the diminished thought of how wrongful or easy they are enacted in our lives; such wrongful actions and words proves the highest degree of life diminishing complacency in our lives today. We teach through our actions, if complacency doesn’t kill the human body, it can kill the soul: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke
While running some errands yesterday, I had a burger attack of great proportions that included curly fries; the best cure, walk through the right door and head to the counter.
While standing very patiently at the counter, I was waiting for this lady to get the till working, no problem, I could wait. Now she was “Black” and very pregnant, another lady, the one that just left the till, she was “White” and was telling the lady at the counter that she should bring the baby in when she has the little bundle of joy. The mom to be said no, that she wouldn’t do it, because all white people love to kiss babies; then she said the baby could get germs. The germ phobia aside, the mother to be said with conviction to the passing of “White People’s” germs.
All while I was standing there at the counter, so I said to them: It’s not a “White Thing”, everyone loves a baby, the touching or holding a baby is phenomenal, doing so can bring giants to tears, some rough tough and tumble types that can face anything in life shake in fear of holding a baby; it’s not a “White People’s Thing”, it’s a human thing.
Then I asked the mom to be when she was due, she told me, just after my own birthday, I looked at her and said: What a gift to know that, thank you, took my food and left.
What was the gift I would receive when that little bundle of joy that I may never see or know is brought into this fragmented world? Another four or five pounds of Hope!
That is if, we adults can keep the children sheltered from all the politics, bigotry’s, judgmental ways, and all the liberal and conservative manners of life; the only problem, that will be tough to do these days. It’s truly a very sad aspect of life today, that children have to be deprived of their preteen childhood because of the dysfunctional society they have been born in.
No, I am not a homophobe, I’m not a bigot, I’m not far left or right, I’m just one person that thinks that the children born today deserve a better chance than what society has set up for them. It never comes down to acceptance, but it does come down to respect and dignity; a lost art in the life we all live today, but I find it strange how everyone wants respect and dignity in this society of ours, like it’s supposed to magically come their way.
Guess it’s time we teach the youth of the future those values, so that maybe they can build that better world, the world we all dream of; and wish so much for.
For that little baby that’s about to be born, well all of them really, I wish them to be happy, healthy, creative and all things good in their lives; live well youngsters, live well whoever you are……

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