What are you going to say when it’s all said and done?

What are you going to say when it’s all said and done?

A huge amount of thought went into an answer to a question asked of me, the question: Given the thought of what we see everyday of society, what do I predict for its outcome?
Glad that I wasn’t put on the spot for the answer, there are just too many variables to quip out an answer that resembles logic.
Firstly, society doesn’t run on too much logic these day’s, rather, society runs on little logic. An example would be, we give our SSI number out all over the place, for loans, work or whatever. We give the last four digits of our SSI numbers out for the same, and our e-mails and phone numbers, for the same; then because we have no idea who has our pertinent information, we sign up for Lifelock spending money we don’t have to protect our identity. Now think about this, you can now get an app so that it makes it harder for people and businesses to track you on your favorite electronic devices, have we given our identity away; or is it just simply time that we admit that we have, and it was our choice to do so.
Now, logic states, protect your identity before you give it away.
Can’t do that though, because we through our logicless actions, we as a society have said that the manners in which we live our lives and do our business is perfectly acceptable. Glad my Grandfather isn’t alive, he didn’t even like the Senses Bureau getting his information, I wouldn’t want to be the one asking him for his SSI number, his card said it was not a valid identification, just the same as mine does.
Then logic must question, if we don’t protect our identity beforehand, then how are we going to protect our identity after the system runs amuck?
The answer could be very simple, like, we don’t; because it is simply too late. Yes, the same as closing the gate after that prize stallion gets out, no more stud fees on that ranch. For the average citizen, that stallion equates to retirement savings, business funds, just a normal savings account, lost, all because we didn’t protect or question the new age norm.
Logic asks, if we accept everything, does that make the ‘Everything’ right and good for the future? Is that ‘Accepted Everything’ good for the children of the future?
Today, the minority man’s chaos is the majority man’s normal, sounds strange, thinking back to the Forefathers of this nation when the majority was comprised of the citizenry; how far have we come when the common man or woman can’t predict their own future due to their following and accepting of a false normal?
Well I won’t make any predictions, not because I have somehow been taught how not to care, on the contrary, I was taught how to care and I do it honest, but that honest caring isn’t worth a hill of beans today; mainly due to people’s fear and insecurities built by today’s view of what’s normal. Think I will leave it up to the citizenship to open their eyes and minds, for them to see what lay before them in the future; hope they do though.
But I do wonder though, what if some wise and quoted person once said: Live, so that when your children think of the world they have to survive in, with all its substance abuse and confusion, with all its blurred lines of morality and immorality, with all its ignorance and conformity, and it’s God-less and valueless ways; live your life so that they think of you! Would a quote such as that open any minds, or eyes to the future? Today it’s, well, it’s dubious. Or, you could look at such a quotable future as; they are; they are living the way we taught them to live.

Sorry R & A, this is the best answer I could come up with.
Live well, do it honest and with love, with a great deal of protection for the good that you cherish in your life, because in this day in age; the tarnishing of Good comes easy.

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