In the Moment

In the Moment

In the moment with you, the old phrase ‘remember it like it was yesterday’ never really fills the meter; no my Love, I remember you, our days and years; like we are there!
Words sent to heaven…………..
As far as the rest of the glory days of society, some I remember well, some I have forgotten, and some; I wish I could forget, leaving only the good to cherish.
You know, I look out at people today, a perpetual people watcher, their actions, attire, their demeanor’s; I sometimes wonder what some people’s defining moments are, or what their defining moments will be.
What feeds society these day’s I don’t really know, I do know that an abundance of society’s actions are deeply seated in the mental following manners of the once youthful ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, they were a far cry from the Independent generation that preceded them. Every generation has some fad that sets them apart from the last generation, but they always outgrow the fad, they don’t let the fad overtake their lives, but the ‘Baby Boomers’ never outgrew their fad; they just let their fad consume them.
The worst part, they taught the youth of today all of the garbage they learned along the way, from drug use to escape, to its arrogance filled with complacency. Be careful who you choose to be your mentor, you may end up setting up tables at a swapmeet somewhere with nothing but your shirt on your back for your efforts. That’s a grim thought in your gray haired years, but then you would have plenty of time to ponder the good old day’s that you can remember; those good old day’s that the fad followed didn’t erase.
In an interview Bob Dylan, he touched on the generation that in my mind glorified the the abuse of sex and drugs, as well as the decay of the American history, freedoms, and society; while at the same time, they shined a light on abusive bigotry. That shinning light came through the masses more than the power that the masses held, everyone loves a party, even if it gets a little out of hand; ah, the thrill of it all.
Bob Dylan was reclusive, I don’t blame him, knowing how well I love my solitude and seclusion, what Bob Dylan stated was: “I knew Jimi Hendrix. I knew Janice Joplin. If they knew what I know now, they’d still be here.”
Bob Dylan went for seclusion early, after a motorcycle accident seclusion became important, during that time he was, from one form or another creating songs, fabricating gates, paintings; he wasn’t sitting idle.
I think what he meant, or maybe wanted people to understand, is that drugs and sex aren’t as life affirming as the Boomer generation touted, to be given or taken freely; the thought of his statement is given strength due to the fact that Bob Dylan took the reclusive time to raise a family. During that time, he was creating memories, passing on wisdom, learning life; and then, in his usual way, he shared his wisdom with the world.
Never a big fan of Bob Dylan, I can say, that Bob Dylan was not all that wrong, he hit society’s nail on the head more often than the competent carpenter building homes for the suburbanites.
So what happened to the good life?
Where families got together, in a loving manner. What happened to family reunions, and true family vacations. The Boomers grew up with that lifestyle. Or is that considered a myth these days? Well, it’s not a myth!
Know one thing though, if every Boomer, sat down and thought back, went through every page in their back pages, their childhood, listened to the voices of their parents and grandparents, their wisdom before they got lost in the ’60’s’; we would be living in a more respectable country right now.
Looking back, there were some good times in my life, I always knew some kid that had it worse than I did. But I had people that I could emulate, that helped guide me, I remember them like yesterday. And, you know, for the life in me, I couldn’t tell you what those people that tired to get me to follow the path of drugs even looked like. That’s the value I placed on parasites, they live to make money, or to have someone to wallow with; I just didn’t care to be a part of their wallowing.
But I can remember family dinners, best friends, some very good waves. I can remember my grandparents, their love, I can remember the peace I found in their home, and the lessons learned. But today, we as a society, we don’t live in the good that we are supposed to be cherishing, instead we live in the illusion of a peace and love world where the golden Boomer generation sits silent in the actions of demise and America’s unraveling.
In the moment, I visit those places often, don’t even have to drive there, just close my eyes and think from the heart. Inspiration, warmth, it washes over me like a warm summer rain, for a few moments in this world; they give me peace. We can’t run and hide from the lack of understanding everyone shares today, in the end, everyone will see, because the blindness of staying ignorant of life; well, it’s curable. All you have to do is open your eyes and heart, take a deep breath, live and do your best to understand all that is before you.
Ah the power of cherishing and keeping the good in your life………………

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