Is Heaven Real?

Is heaven real?

People say, if heaven was real, I’d leave today.
Well, I don’t ever want to believe that way, there is no ‘if’ or ‘was’ in my faith in God, there just isn’t. Plus I would hate to see a mass exodus of toxic people heading to heaven, within a minute of their presence in heaven; it would look like here. As far as the ‘if’ or ‘was’, for me; those two words are reserved for humankind.
The thing concerning my faith in God, that bothers me the most, is that people follow dissension more than they try to understand Faith, ‘I don’t like that stuff!’ Once, twenty, or fifty times, there is no way to understand everything in life or the Bible, it takes years; like life long years. So you went to church once and didn’t like it, because of the people maybe, the preacher; that’s understandable. I don’t like religion and it’s side effects either, so why not delve into Faith on your own; why not create that relationship with God on your own.

What if our life here was God’s way of preparing us for heaven, maybe that is his ultimate goal, it’s not like we came with a guide book that says: You have between this date and that date to gear up for heaven. Get your act together, your last life was deplorable, this is your last time Johnny, if you fail, you’ll never have another chance. Nah, there is no book of how to’s when we are born, so we have to ask the questions, look for the answers; we have to learn life.

Strange, we see people with addictions, attitudes, fears, all sorts of discrepancies in their lives; and we never learn from them the way we should. People used to say, I don’t need the 2 x 4 to hit me in the head to know it’s going to hurt if I get hit by it. That’s back when logic and common sense counted for something, sad today, the needle still punctures the skin. It’s like people think this life is some sort of a dream, we’ll all wake up, and it will all be okay. Tell that to the one shot junkie wannabe that O.D.’d, that’s what they thought when the said okay, but just this once; don’t ya wonder what they saw when their eyes close for the last time?

Is heaven real?
In my own case, I would have to say yes, heaven is very real; be judgmental if you wish, I purely don’t concern myself with judgemental people. Most judgemental people take their own lives more serious than they do the lives of others, not to mention, that all that goes into their minds, their knowledge intake quite often is not embraced with 100% truth. Since there is no way of getting a hint of heaven, other than a close call or revival from death; it’s safe to say that being judgemental of someone that believes in God and heaven is for the most part shunning the acceptance of knowledge. In other words, selective knowledge in life, still breeds and nurtures ignorance; all because learning the most about life, God, and faith is not kool? Whoever teaches that mode of thinking to anyone, they are wrong, they short change every person they come in contact with of the ability of bettering him or her self. Such emulated people are like pushers without a physical compound drug to sell, but the drug they are selling, it destroys the soul; who of any of us has that right?
Is heaven real? If someone earnestly ask you such a question, and you don’t know, don’t discourage them from finding the answer by seeking it in a healthy manner, who knows, maybe that person will help you find your own answer to the question. So, be honest!

A couple of good places to gain knowledge on the subject:
The Bible,
Hospice, if you can set that up,
By keeping an open mind, keep in mind that today’s society is inundated with closed minds, and so many people care little of Your Peace of Mind, they would much rather have everyone conform to their way of thinking; no matter how dismal their thoughts may be. As it has been since the beginning of time, in the end; it’s You!

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