Where is Your Romantic Bone?

Where is your Romantic Bone?

The many faces of love are few in numbers, but the fault of loves undoing, or the successes of love are countless.
For me, it’s different than many today, but not different than many today, see if you lose someone, the love of your life here on this earth; they never really go away, two souls bound by love, they are stronger than any mortal separation.
Forget here on earth, forget in heaven; we are not forgetting.
For me, there is no replacement, love, it’s what we invested in; I don’t really care how people feel about love or heaven these days, love goes deeper than a week after death, and there is a heaven; believe or not!
I don’t really care how society feels about religion or life these days, there are too many falsehoods in the way people live these days, and very few people question those falsehoods, but one day in everyone’s life, they will care, and they will see where they should have taken life – living – and love more serious. And that thought does include a good Faith, not in religion, but in God.
I wish there was a way to step over the assorted life beliefs of society like anyone would a mud puddle, especially when it comes to love. Forty or so years ago, Fad came to town, he said love was free, everyone agreed, then Degridation, Fads brother broke love down, spread bits and pieces of love around and like candy, society ate love up. Now all that’s left of love, is the wrapper, made of confusion, reaching out, loneliness, and despair.
But some people hung on to the old ways, always knowing the value of love, knowing and savoring loves delicate nature.
Oh the wedding, I wish the old values to shelter the newlyweds, so young and beautiful, even their furry companion had his tux on for the ceremony. The coastal breeze warmed the air, the central coast filled with trees and birds, even the butterflies came in attendance, because two people happened to fall in love. They have their lives ahead of them, not that they didn’t before, but now they have taken a major step in their lives together; they made a commitment together, one to the other. Before God, before nature, before family and friends; they made a commitment together.
Shouldn’t the wish for abundant love, shouldn’t that be paramount with every person in attendance, after all, it wasn’t a party that everyone was attending, this was a special day, shared by two special people; for those in attendance, this was a special gift that was shared.
The depth of love, I gained a son-in-law, love does add to the family, someday grandchildren, I have to think of the old ways of life, my grandparents sacrifices that they made out of love of family, you know if I am 62 years old, their love came with old world values. The love my grandparents shared, it was no less the same as the love they gave to their family, the only difference is that the love my grandparents shared was between man and woman. I learned allot from them in my short years, the faces of love, a parents love for their children, a spousal love, a love for our pets, a family love, a friendship love; those are the faces of love that we generally see. The rest aren’t the faces of love, they are just society’s renderings of its more than casual take on love.
Hairpins and 4Runners….
The wedding was on the central coast alright, and it was a nice wedding, filled with the tears and laughter that always accompanies a wedding, but it was more than the wedding for me; this trip as well as the central coast was a beautiful part of my life. A part of my/our lives together, my Love and I; along with our four legged companion.
The years, the miles driven, the minutes and the hours shared; they were filled with love. Nothing bothers me more than hearing a young couple talk about how their relationships are based on the more intimate parts of life, or the money and material parts of life; they are so hard to convince that those things never matter as much as the love they do and will share in their lives together. In reality, such thoughts are like time bombs just waiting to go off, people that feel that way most often see their relationships fall apart at the first hurdle, there is little glue to hold them together.
But with love being the catalyst, it’s surprising the hurdles you can cross over; monetary needs, addictions, health issues, love is a healer. But you have to invest in love, love has never been free, that’s hard for this giddy-up-go society to wrap their hearts and souls around.
I guess we as a human race is concerned, we have to feel death before we know how to appreciate the living part of our lives. We have to feel human loss before we can feel true human substance and it’s value in our lives. That is probably the saddest part of our lives and our existence, our ignorance of life is not only breaking down society, right down to a personal level; it’s killing the true meaning of love.
While I was being driven to the airport on the last day of the beautiful weekend, I found smiles coming from my face, I was with the newlyweds yes, and we were conversing, but the smiles weren’t coming from all that was going on inside the confines of the car.
See it wasn’t the first time that I was on that road, not by any means, that is where my smiles came from, I could feel my Love all the way from heaven, she was right there with me all the way, in truth it’s never changed; from the day she passed to today.
We passed the wineries, the fields and the hills, the little hamlets and their stores, the fences that are now in need of paint but still standing, the old homes that need or have been restored. It all came dripping back like yesterday, she was there with me, in that little spot just below the bottom rib where the pit of the soul can be felt; we were together.
Love is never blind, never, it’s magnificent in its nature. Back to I don’t care, the Bible, it may have some darkness to it, but hey, it’s not bright and cheerful outside our doors is it, but I can’t see discounting the Bible because of what society accepts. The Bible, it’s filled with love, the gift of life, the gift of knowledge, and most importantly; the gift of loves meaning. God knew what he was doing!
Isn’t it strange, the nonbelievers always say I love you, and they believe in the Ten Commandments, and they don’t somewhere deep inside believe in God?
It doesn’t make any sense at times, the things people accept and believe, when it comes to love and God these days, what some people believe and accept makes no sense at all; guess ignorance is bliss. But, there is no love without God, that is the way that it works, never changes, that is the way love is. That is why we chose not to allow society’s misguided beliefs, and religions harmful teachings to guide us in our lives together, maybe if we were living in the 1800’s or some other time; but not today, our thoughts and convictions paid off very beautifully. I felt her with me with every mile we drove over the weekend, night walks or early morning walks down by the river; she was there. The condition of the room I stayed in, she was there, in the day we would have had a laugh; so I laughed then went on with the day.
And at the wedding, with family, everyone knows how that goes, families getting along to whatever degree is no different from one to the other; it’s like they say in real estate, location location location, the location is all that changes. There are still controlling people, quiet people, drunk people, there are always people. But through it all, she was with me, she was my smile, when someone imposed on me some sort of attitude because I smoke cigarettes far removed from the crowd, but don’t drink, get loud, or hit on every woman in attendance; she was there giving me calm. I could almost swear I heard her tell me, Darlin, it’s okay to be you, it’s the you that I fell in love with. She was and is my calm.
We arrived at the airport, the kisses, the hug’s, the shaking of hands, everything done I checked in with my luggage then got something to eat, then I boarded the plane in preparation for a peaceful flight home. Got my earphones ready, but never used them, the guy next to me and I talked about food and all sorts of stuff; didn’t bother me much, plus the topic of Mole came up, chicken rice and Mole, can’t beat that.
The flight was good, till the storm hit, lost altitude unintentionally by the pilot, the bumps and the air outside throwing the plane around like nature owned it, two tries at landing before heading off to a more accepting airport; but we made on the second try, barely. The day after the flight, I felt like I had survived one of those Tap Out fights without ever getting into the ring. Upon leaving the plane after it landed, seeing all those little bags that were filled with, I will save you from the word, but not all of it hit the bags; felt bad for the people that had to clean up the mess.
I went to call my neighbor to come get me as planned, but my phone didn’t work, there was this nice lady that loaned me her phone, my ride was on the way. We drove down the expressway, trees down and stuff flying all over; it was one heck of a storm, but it was all survived.
My neighbors wife asked me, didn’t that scare you? The answer was no it didn’t, there was nothing I could do even if I kicked the pilot out, there would be nothing I could do to make things better; one thing is for sure, I couldn’t begin to fly the plane any better than the pilot could. Besides, if we crashed, I go home to the open arms of my Love, not a bad thought, but somehow, the thought is like a Catch-22, I would probably feel sad for those that would have to walk with me as we head off to heaven, just the way I think I guess, never seeing their families again. That’s why I say I love you to my children as often as I can, those words always come with truth, always have. Because we never know, do we?
All in all, my Love and I still touch, the distance between heaven and earth, it’s no further away than your soul. Believe it, everyone from the cretins of the earth, to the so-called beautiful people, and everyone in between has a soul, yee-gads, why do so many people fill there souls with more garbage than love, it just don’t make sense.
The hairpins and 4Runners, remember, for me, it’s different than many today, but not different than many today, see if you lose someone, the love of your life here on this earth; they never really go away, two souls bound by love, they are stronger than any mortal separation. The hairpins and 4Runners sometimes they come to my attention, just to make me happy I guess, and they do bring me a smile. But sometimes they come to my attention when I really want to hold her tight, but logically can’t the same as I can’t call her to hear her voice, the hairpins and 4Runners show up. With a tear, I can tell you, love, it’s a most beautiful part of life, it’s a bridge builder, it’s a strong tie that binds stronger than anything on earth.

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