It’s a Mad Mad World

It’s a Mad Mad World

You want my attitude, then give me yours. That is an old saying that gained popularity in the late 1970’s and continued through to the 1990’s, and when you think about it, as a child, when you lipped off to a parent or teacher, you got their attitude because you gave them your attitude; in the end, they got your attention.
Society and family is dropping the ball, and they are not doing anyone any good by covering up or catering to any adult person’s dysfunction. When you think about it, when family and friends no longer wish to be involved, they are basically making society the babysitter. The outcome, well the outcome depends on the severity of the outcast person, their mental take on their own lives, as well as the manner in which they get along with others.
The person that was recently told to leave my home, they stayed here for the better part of nine months, and every day, they progressively got worse. The person’s family wouldn’t take them in, wanted as little as possible to do with the person, I found it strange that when they moved their living relative out; that none of the people were mad at me, most just listened to the person’s rantings and full volume sweetness towards them. But no sweetness my way, there goes that radio again, turn it off.
At the same time, the eldest of the well organized crew that was moving the person out of my home, he made a promise that turned into an outright lie, he said that he would pay the back as well as the prorated rent; haven’t seen it yet.
Now that is showing their attitude, but the person renting the room, they showed their attitude before the family did, that is why they weren’t asked to leave; they were told to leave. They got my attitude in spades, and I got my peaceful home back.
But it doesn’t end there, my neighbors, I feel bad for them because they are stuck in the middle, they know me as well as the person that rented the room and their family. I respect their (my neighbors) position, but I respect the truth more, I won’t sugarcoat the truth, they are older and they need to know what those people are really like; so they wont be taken advantage of in the future.
So now, my neighbors know too well the actions of the person and their family, but my neighbors are better off; in the long run, my neighbors won’t jeopardise their own personal peace and calm within their own home if the heartstrings get played.
As far as the person and their family, well, trusting them has become a factor; that lack of trust has damaged a part of the friendship they once had with my neighbors. The real moronic part with the whole thing, is that the trust part, or the abuse and now the lack of trust means little to the family and the person.
See a caring person, one that wants a better life, one that honestly feels with their heart as well as their soul; it would be difficult for them to even show their face in the neighborhood. If they do, it shows arrogance, disrespect, or humbleness; one of those three things should be present but probably isn’t.
If they, when in their 60’s, if they don’t care about life, respect and dignity by now, then being a part of society more so than a family member just won’t matter; for the victim, for the lack of a better word, it’s okay not to be or wish to be the babysitter/arbitrator/peace keeper for the world. My neighbor, she feels like she should at least be the peace keeper, she is slowly coming around to the thought that she doesn’t have to be. She is starting to realize that keeping peace between the peaceful people that will defend their peaceful surroundings, and the dysfunctional parts of our society detracts more from her life and sanity than she can afford to give up at her age.
And yes, the person in common with myself and my neighbors; she is mad at us both, I think we are, my neighbors and I, I think we are okay with it.
There is true madness in this world, just know that the madness is very close to anyone’s front door, never far away; the sad part, the madness is in what we accept into our lives. But we don’t have to accept the ilk, we can denounce the ilk; it is okay to do so, it really is. The alternative, keep nurturing the dysfunction, see what you get in your old age.
Sure do love our (the ‘our’ does not include the person that was told to leave) peaceful home, even though it’s just me now, don’t know when I will feel like being nice again though. If there is a problem with that for anyone, then put a value on your kind nature, and see what happens, when it’s abused and soiled by the all too well accepted dysfunction of society; then see how fast you you give it away the next time.

Telling the truth, maybe it’s for the first time in whomever’s life that may read this, but; would you want your children to feel what you felt in your growing years or current year’s, do the same things you did or do in your escape, if not, it cost nothing to give them something better when it comes from the heart.
And maybe, your acknowledgement of how you have survived this ever increasing mad mad world, in that acknowledgement, you may be helping them or other people retain some resemblance of their sanity.

Dedicated to Angel, my 2 1/2 year old Siamese cat I had to put down due the stress the person brought into the house. Animals are more sensitive to stress, as are children, the sooner we stop the stress the better. I’m not a cat guy, wasn’t even looking for a pet, he found me; but I did grow to love the little guy.

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