What Do You Dare To Believe?

What do you Dare to Believe?

Do you honestly show what you believe in, do you wear it on your sleeve?
Or do you hide it, avoid topics that come close to your beliefs, you know; in fear that someone may not like you, or that they may disagree with you?
God, now there is a topic, is he real, is he not real? Should we take bits and pieces of the Bible, or should we devour the whole thing, should we believe it, or should we disregard it as if it’s some old mans fictionary tale?
What if it was all real, and one day you wake up and nothing is the same, everything is just beautiful, all white and peaceful, everyone’s getting along; would you believe then?
Then someone walks up to you and said: On earth, you were a proud nonbeliever, claiming your agnostic or atheistic beliefs and wearing them like badges! Then the person snaps his fingers, your sitting at the breakfast table eating your toast and jam listening to the news with its news of the drive-by shootings to the missiles aimed at your homeland on some distant shore.
Hmm, what a day, kinda makes ya wanna go back to bed huh?
Nature, there is another topic that involves everyone that yawns and stretches in the morning. Nature reminds me, while writing this anyway, of what they say about plumbers; as long as people eat, and the aftermath of eating, the plumbers will always have jobs. That is like nature, nature is a definitive part of everyone’s life. The hippies like to claim it theirs, save the earth, from the loggers and recreationalist, let’s not forget big busines in all that pertains to nature, like marijuana farms that divert water from the legal businesses while contaminating the watersheds and land. But there is no title bought and paid for when it comes to nature, no one can own nature; nature belongs to no one, because it belongs to everyone. We are all stewards of the land, visitors that should pay respect to nature wherever we go; don’t need a peace sign, a plastic Jesus glued to your VW dash that cost you $40 K, sure it came with wheels, it cost allot to be an accurate hippie these days. But how many people look at nature?
I went into this little coffee shack, literally a shack, it was a shack. It was run by an old hippie surfer, which in the day as they say; hippies and surfers didn’t get along, due to their drug use, hippies were a danger in the water. There was a woman there, she heard the birds squawking outside, she came running out and started waving to the birds like she knew them; I just sat there and watched her while drinking my not so good overpriced and small vanilla latte from the made from recycled materials cup and lid.
My daughter and I got up to leave, there was no gwarbage/recycling containers in front of the place, I am all for recycling so I took them inside and disposed of them. They should have something more convenient, but guess not, looked at my daughter and said: I am tired of this hippie s___, they want to save the world; so why not put some convenient containers out so we can help, guess that is what my tip in the tip jar is for. My daughter scolded me for saying s___! But after all, aren’t we supposed to help each other in our doing right by the world?
My daughter, she was upset by the time at hand, it was a busy weekend, out of state, flights to and from, and a marriage, at one point she mentioned something that made her mad; thinking she was wrong in her getting mad. She is a good person, caring and giving, but avoids getting mad when sometimes you get mad; she just sucks it up and holds onto what’s making he angry. That is very unhealthy, and never really solves anything, gives a person ulcers; maybe worse by the end of the day. So I told her, like the coffee shack, it really is okay to get mad, heck, if our forefathers hadn’t gotten mad a long while back; we’d still have kings and queens ruling us. It’s alright, we run on every emotion in the heart mind and soul equation but anger. Why, because it might make us look like the riff raff that we hate so much?
Like any belief, emotion, when we hide them; then we become other than ourselves. The alternative naturally comes down to following whatever comes along to save the peace, not to defend the peace in your life, but to save some miniscule slice peace in your life.
Following is not living, one day you wake up with a bunch of regrets, surrounded by people that just never challenged you to be the best that you could be; but they were there to use you, all the time wasted that you could have been doing better.
If anyone shows their true selves, they will always keep the Good in their lives, the bad of this world, it won’t stand a chance. To any degree, self confidence is a hard to deal with foe for the ilk of the world, that’s why your freedoms are dwindling with every new administration and lacking fad, that’s why God is such a four letter word, that’s why people from so many walks of life are living in disarray and confusion; there is so little self confidence left today.
You didn’t start out in this life following abusers and their abuses of life, using their tools of trade like drugs or beat down mentalities, you were taught to follow them. Learn something better, dig deeper in life, hang on tight to the Good of life, defend the Good of life; and show people the Good that you believe in.

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