The Huggies Ad

The Huggies Ad

Days, these days, the thought of waking up to a new day just seems to be futile, there always seems to be an overabundance of; stupid. Like everyday that we awaken, we have to dig our way through clump after clump of repetitious and mundane idioms and societal clutter; making us thank God more for coffee, rather than redemption.
This morning, it was no different, no new changes in this society that egotistically or blindly seeks and votes for change, no changes in the sky filled with chemical spewing planes, and definitely no real change in the news of the day and night before. Yeah, we are still at war with terrorism, our government is still obese and out of control; and neighbors are still ripping off or killing their neighbors. And all I really want is one day of peace, can’t the world just turn it all off for one day; is that too much to ask for? Just one day?
Turned on the television, some woman was on there telling people to get on their fb account, stating: it’s the social thing to do!
Then a Progressive commercial came on with Flo, going through history finally getting burned at the stake, stating Progressive – isim is dangerous; well that is a no brainer, but is anyone else tired of Flo? For a second I felt bad, because the commercial gave me hope of never having to see another one of their commercials; or Flo. I quickly got over my feeling bad.
Then for some reason, things changed for the better, it didn’t change for long but it did change nonetheless. I saw a mother holding a baby in a Huggies ad, it made me smile, somehow in that ad was a glimmer of peace and calm, almost like if I turned off the television it would all go away; and there would be this lady holding the peaceful smiling future of us all. But then, like W.C. Fields knew, babies steal the show; and they sure make you happy while they do.
After all that commotion in waking up to the new day, having it end with the giggling child, I started doing the things I need to do. Chores, the store, planning out the rest of the day; getting things done. All the while I kept thinking to myself, what really is the cause of us humans, to go from happy giggling children that have few fears, and a whole bunch of dreams; to adults that can’t even stand up and be counted?
I talk to so many people that hate the way things are in their days and lives, stating that there is no balance in life these days, but it always ends with; there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t know, seek some balance, seek some form of real normal, stop accepting the dysfunction we live in as normal; that might a good starting point.
Look at what some people have become in adulthood: manipulative, arrogant, fearful, addicted to anything, loveless, mean, politically complacent, dominate, confused, sad; and we are the adults that are going to insure that that happy little boy or girl will have the best life they can possibly have?
How is that going to happen, we can’t even acknowledge the ilk we face every day when we go outside the comforts of our home?
We have fb, the social thing to do, yeah. We have Lifelock to protect us from scams. We have SWAT teams rather than caring police departments. We have politically correct schools rather than honest schools. While that is all a part of society, it’s not society, in society we have more, but that’s why we have a house or apartment that we call home, so we can shut the door and hide from societal actions. But what about the guilt of being a part of what we see on the news?
We are nice people, we aren’t a part of the ilk!
Okay, everyone has to have a dream, if we don’t protect the good in life on a personal level; then just how long are we going to keep the good in life, or at least the good that is in our personal lives?
People just don’t get it, they see it, they just don’t get it. There are two molds, a couple of cancer causing agents, amongst other harmful agents in those chemtrails that no one see’s when they look at that bird flying through the sky, how many people blame COPD on smoking? When those planes ramped up, so did respiratory cases in hospitals and ER’s, but no one looks at that, it’s for global warming, we are saving the earth . . . Yeah, we are nice people, we are not a part of the bad, even though we don’t know what’s going on around us; because we care more about our day than we do some little child’s future.
And we are the the adults, that is sad!
So what of the child, not the one that’s inside the adults, if they haven’t cared by now then there is no real sense in starting to care this late in life; for now, for the adult, it’s time to start cleaning up the act. But for the little children of our society, what about them?
Well we could show them the truth of life for once, like how people really are supposed to live as opposed to the families and people on those sitcoms; it’s hard to believe we as mature adults would really want any of them living next door. Waking up to see yourself in one of those sitcoms would be worse than turning on the news, that would get old fast, but that is what is being emulated every single day.
We could explain to the children that because we adults have been so complacent for so long that we can’t trust people these days for much of anything, family or not, lies and theft are too common, from garden tools to Aunt Isy’s favorite jewelry; telling the children that everything material and moral or immoral is not up for grabs just because they can see it.
We might teach them the ill effects of procrastination of understanding the good in our lives, people today think that tomorrow will always come, face it, if you are forty or older; you’re living on luck. You can eat all the certified organic food, take all the vitamins you want, and still have a heart attack tomorrow; thus giving up your chance for a meaningful conversation with someone that loves you on this or any other day.
So, why not teach the children of tomorrow how to understand the difference between what society’s faddish ways to the politically correct Hollywood liberalism wants them to know, from the lessons of life that will enhance their souls, make them better human beings, to a person that can carry on an intelligent conversation with someone without the slang and false truths. Believe me, you don’t want a nut job look a like, throwing eggs at your house saying Howdy Neighbor, so why bring one up, matters little if they can sing or not.
Some people say, life is not supposed to be like this; this life is, or this world is, or this society is messed up! Then they just turn their backs on everything, walk away, go back to their mini castles in the sand, drink or smoke their way into ecstasy; then hideout till the next day. But when they come to the next day, they say; life is not supposed to be like this; this life is, or this world is, or this society is messed up!
When they turn their backs and walk away, well it still comes down to the children don’t it! The answer is in what we see if we take the time to see and understand, if we don’t like what we see in the world we live in, then we have to ask: where did people learn to live this way of life, and who is continuing to teach such a disabling manner of living to the children of the future.
I know, all this from a commercial with a baby in it, guess W.C. Fields was right all along; or maybe I was just . . . Basically Thinking.

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