Love Mush

Love Mush

The trouble with today, people don’t Love with Eternity in mind, nah, today they are more in Love with today and materialistic notions in mind; don’t believe that, take a look at the many broken homes and the divorce count. Age has given me the answer, so many people today only think they are in Love, and shows like the Bachelor should be tossed in the garbage; Love never comes to us that way!
Love never comes in a contest between one guy and five females, or vise versa; not if it’s a Love that will last. Face it those scenarios, they can be found at a bar as well as on television, and the emotions can be turned on and off like a radio; if you want truth in Love then be real, turn the radio off.
Man o Man, I hated Love Mush, couldn’t stand it, made me want to destroy every AM radio on the planet; those girl Loves boy and boy Loves girl songs, to me they meant certain death for the gray-matter.
But now, I like the more romantic songs, not that sickeningly sweet, sugar coated, bubblegum songs; but real songs. Songs that have something to do with life, give me one like that and I will listen to it; and yes I still have my favorite Allman Brother’s songs like No One To Run With Anymore and Whipping Post. But Don Henly’s My Thanksgiving and Taking You Home are good comparisons between good Rock and good Love Mush.
Some songs have a way of tugging at your heart and soul, that’s what a good song does, it tugs at you, makes you feel life as well as Love, and if some one calls you a whimp; tell them that they just showed you what little they know about life and Love!
In my life, one such song is from SHANIA TWAIN: You’re Still The One

When I first saw you, I saw Love
And the first time you touched me, I felt Love
And after all this time,
You’re still the one I Love
[We met in 1978, and never knew about our Love, it wasn’t in the cards. But I knew that there was a very special person inside that beautiful Lady, even when people in and out of the family said she was cute but not in touch with reality. Go figure, she Loved nature, and the beauty of solitude, she could see beauty in the mundane from the forest to a pebble; she could see life. And through the years, and many miles, and no conversation what so ever, I could still see her beauty; somehow, she could see the truth in my soul also.]

They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holding on
We’re still together still going strong
[Family, not the best judge of character at times, hers, they treated her like trash, something to be thrown away. Too sweet and pleasant I guess, not enough in the now to fit in, but she wouldn’t say a bad word against them if she had a mouthful. That’s where I stepped in when we did finally find the depth of our Love, she was too important to me to allow the family’s, both hers and parts of mine, actions and words. If my family is holding thoughts that are still or ever built distance between them and me, I suggest them to get off their collective rearends and get a conversation going with me before it’s too late; otherwise it will be them that dies with the lies. Ya listening dad?]

You’re still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life
You’re still the one that I Love
The only one I dream of
You’re still the one I kiss good night
[When my dad was close to death, he had to literally plead with his wife for attention, guess it was theirs or her version of Love; but good Lord, the Man was on his way out; what the heck was wrong with her? One thing, she and their Love was dysfunctional, and another thing, she was a card carrying Sociopath; a sociopaths reality really or rarely has much to do with this earth or the definite distance between here and heaven.
But for us, my Love and I, our lives were ours. Never started or ended a day without an I Love you, and a few hundred I Love you’s through the day; and we never said goodbye; never!
Ah, but, family does talk, and family will believe the trash spoken; it never seems to matter the real truth. That’s a dangerous form of scuttlebutt.]

Ain’t nothin’ better
We beat the odds together
I’m glad we didn’t listen
Look at what we would be missin’
[See Love is God’s major gift to humanity, but in society, well, it gets kicked around, used, discarded, defamed, forgotten. Those four little letters, some people treat those four letters like spare change, then say that they hate or can’t find a real Love; I wonder why? No I don’t, it’s not rocket science, but I do wonder, what if God treated us the same? You know what I mean? Just kinda took his gift of Love back, then let us flounder like a fish out of water.
Yes, there “Ain’t nothin’ better,” and we did “beat the odds together,” and I’m sure “glad we didn’t listen,” because in reality, even with society’s views of Love and truth in Love, in those four little letters, we knew and know exactly “what we would be missin’;” and to be blunt, to us, it was more important than any of the trappings that society has.]

You’re still the one
[Yes, my Lady, your still the one, even though for now it’s our souls that do the touching. Wouldn’t trade what we built together for all the gold thats ever been found on this earth or below the deepest sea, our eternity is worth more than anything this world has to offer except the Love of my children, nothing will ever come close. When it was your time, you didn’t have to plead for attention, our Love wouldn’t allow that tarnished need to even form. As for my time, in our Love, our togetherness, I won’t be leaving this earth alone, nah; you and our four legged companions are waiting with an honest Love.]

Looks like we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday
[Love, it’s for eternity, for two people to cross a bridge together, or at separate times. Love could be looked at as wasted on or by the youth, and quite often it very well could be; but put those four little letters together with truth from the get go as God has and will always intend . . . you will have the best that this world will ever offer.
But once you have a real honest Love, Love Mush isn’t really all that bad, if you can weed out the more pop’ish bubblegum ballad’s.]

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