Do Your Best to be the Best that You Can Be

Do Your Best to be the Best that You Can Be

This may sound non caring, but it’s not, it’s more so a realistic look at a reality of life. Coming from a broken home, percentage wise, has become; a so what experience. Don’t take offense, but after coming from one myself, and being 62 years of age, I know this about the stigma of being from a broken home; I was in no control of the divorce of my parents, there was nothing I could have done, and I will not share in the passing of any guilt or anger. That is it in a nutshell!
This does no exclude the fact that some broken homes are violent in their nature, there should be no condoning of such violence, just the thought that children are involved is a blatant dictate that violence has no room in a divorce, but then this is 2015. The selfishness of people these days makes regard to children and their feelings impossible, that is a sad thought to have, but anger is too often the idiot behind the wheel in a divorce where child custody is involved; I wouldn’t want to be young again in today’s world, mainly because life’s compass doesn’t point due north anymore.
Giving the above, that does not mean by any circumstances that the children of today’s broken home has to follow the lacking mentalities that they see before them; if they choose to, they would surely become the churls of the land. Society has become inundated with surly, unbecoming people, so why on earth should any child take that path?
To be the best that you can be, you have to take care of what you allow into your life, in both people and action; and you have to learn how to say [No] to a stream of anything that will debilitate your growth as a human being. Some people call that protection of your soul a weakness or fear, in reality; it’s strength. People will lead others down a wrong path, leaving you in the mire and without a care, then they will just walk away; therefore, you are the one in charge of your destiny . . . good or bad.
Learn something daily, a word, a skill, contribute to your knowledge base constantly. But do it knowingly, that you don’t have to do the bad things to know the outcome. “Failure is only the opportunity to begin more intelligently.” Henry Ford, now who can dispute Henry Ford, from the Model T to the GT40, look at what he started, and the factory didn’t take up three states and five countries back then, think about that. Harley Davidson, they started in a one room shack, so you have no room to create something, that’s not near as bad as not starting or trying to create and learn. One thing for sure, overcoming the stigma of the broken home will not come from substance abuse, only in the knowledge that you acquire will you overcome the stigma.
Know the difference between real Class and popularity, popularity is short-lived, but Class, real Class is filled with Respect and Dignity. But those traits are acquired through the efforts a person makes in life, they may not be popular now, but they will be again; this world cannot continue to grow and thrive without respect and dignity being a huge part of the equation. You will be ahead of the game and clear minded by recognizing at a distance the popularity in life, the popularity that has destroyed the ethics of business, and then life in general by yuppieish actions; ignore those traits and invest in your childhood to adult constructive dreams.
Learn young how to forgive, there is nothing wrong with forgiving, in fact, it’s healthy. All the anger that you carry in your life becomes a boulder sized burden, and it sits right on your shoulders. I forgave my parents years ago, they still caused me grief by their actions, but I forgave them. Remember at the beginning of all of this, [I will not share in the passing of any guilt or anger,] I meant what I said, it was their party, not mine. My life, like anyone’s life has meaning, I refuse to give that meaning away to the lowest bidder, be it a bottle, a bowl of smoke, or some catchphrase believing following moron that’s going to be sixteen for the rest of their lives.
Have a little faith in yourself, God instilled it in you, so use it. There will always be mistakes in your life, it’s inevitable that you as well as everyone on this earth will make mistakes. I despise rich or powerful people that unconstructivly point out a person’s mistakes; while they forget or cover up their own mistakes. Remember, in your young, your middle, and your old ages; that you were young once. We all start out somewhere in our learning process, it’s a weak minded man or woman that forgets or neglects that fact. Too often people belittle those that come after, when they should be the kindly teacher of life, not the arrogant destroyer of someone’s spirit.
It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” -Ascribed to Sir Edmund Percival Hillary, 1919-2008
Life is like a mountain at first sight, but we get up and over its summit the same as anyone else, steps filled with experience gained in our own steps in life; make them quality steps that you can be proud of. Knowing that focusing on a broken home is nothing to focus on, that broken home is only the beginning, the starting point of your future. Focus on the beauty you dream of at the end of your life, not it’s dismal beginnings, for the simple reason; in the end . . . It’s You!

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