There’s No Love Lost?

There’s no love lost?

Yes there was love lost, but it’s kept well in heaven.
People hear the term spoken, in family and friendships all the time where people go their separate ways, there was no love lost there. The term carries the same lacking thought as a victimless crime, there is little substance in those two terms. In both, something or someone will get hurt, arguments will ensue, words will pass; and some will leave.
No Love Lost?
It will then come down to who was right and who was wrong, and, just how much honesty was in the friendship or family in the first place.
The worse case scenario comes when no one talks, when the conversation ends, so does the chance for the needed repairs, leaving the friendship and family foundations to crumble.
In everyone’s lives, from one degree or another, has seen the separation of one or the other; that is family or friends.
So, was everything treated honestly?
Were both sides honest?
If children were involved, were they given 100% of the truth; from both sides?
In the conversational process, were there people that didn’t know what they were talking about?
Was there more guilt by association, rather than truth?
A no answer would be understandable if a real criminal act was committed, but if it was a misunderstanding or ill thoughout action, or maybe years of stagnation in the relationship where one person won’t try while the other does. When conversations fall, all the trying in the world won’t stave off the inevitable; both parties have to humble up and go back to the basics. More often than not, most relationships start out by two people having a conversation; so what in the world is so intimidating about two people leaving their attitudes at the door while they sit down and talk?
One thing for sure, if they don’t communicate, love will be lost. Love is a part of a relationship, even the most minute degree of love should not be lost, parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends; that love should not be lost. But to lose it because of one-sided knowledge, that is almost criminal.
People know when they are being used, when their love is being taken for granted, they can tell by the callousness of the other person, in spite of the other person’s words. It’s the actions, it’s the remembering of things done or to be done, it’s in the humble actions of the other person, like when they only call you when they want something.
Now the one that really cares is the one that continually trays, is there on time, always willing to go the distance; till they get tired. When that happens, the first one to get mad or distant; will be the one that simply used the truer person . . . and yet people will say, there was no love lost there.
In the real thought, yes there was love lost, sure, in the moment, the using person may not care; but if they attract like people with the same user type mentalities, then in the end they will be standing alone in nothing but ashes of spent friendships and failed family relationships.
When will the knowledge of life matter, the thought keeps flashing through my mind, I mean, if life doesn’t matter on a basic level, then where does an honest love fit in, if love doesn’t really have a viable place in anyone’s life; then maybe love can be forsaken, then easily lost.
The people that can’t or won’t take the time to see the value of the people in their lives, the ones that truly care; those people will still say the words I love you never knowing the full meaning, all the while they will walk away without guilt.
Those that care, when they finally get tired, they walk away wishing there was something, anything, that they could have done to help the person see where things went wrong. It’s in the people that truly care, it’s in them that anyone can see the love lost, they won’t walk away angry; they will walk away caring.
Who the non caring, the using person is, that doesn’t matter, it could be a friend, mother or father, son or daughter, cousin or aunt and uncle; what matters is that they never care the way they should. And, the caring person gets the slander because they walked away from the drama, while all the while; leaving life’s door open.
I wrote something a while back that I shared, did it through an e-mail to various people, mostly family. Just a little something about Christmas. One of the recipients I had shared other things with in the past called, I asked if they had read what I had sent to (their) e-mail address, they said no, this had happened before; there is always a reason or an excuse for why not. But it got me to thinking, if I never send another thing by any means, what will my excuse or reason be? Ah, he is just mad at the world! I would suspect that’s the view they may have.
It doesn’t matter if your the unpaid taxi driver for those around you, the verbal whipping post when someone is mad at their work place, or just the bank when someone needs money; being played as the second fiddle gets very boring, you get tired of it, it’s not your fault if they force you to make a decision . . . to walk away leaving the door of life open, because you honestly love the people behind the decision.
On the good side, at least you will know that you gave it an honest try!

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