…and then it is too late

It’s not just Basically Thinking that thinks love and understanding of life is important, people take a moment to breathe with your loved ones, be humble and make it honest because life really is short.


I saw a quote today:  “When I die, don’t come to my grave to tell me how much you miss me, because those are the words I want to hear while I’m still alive.”

Since the beginning of the year we have been at five funerals.  Five, in less than six weeks.  Losing someone is never easy, even when it is expected, and can be devastating when it is not.  Now ask yourself a question.  How many times do you say “I will stop by later,” “I will call later,” “I do not have time now,” or the myriad of rationalizations we make to ourselves why it is not a good time to get in contact with someone.  I know, trust me I have done the same thing, we are busy.  That old friend always talks forever and we really do not have time, or that aunt is sweet, but…

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