The Death of Popularity, The Birth of Observance

The Death of Popularity, The Birth of Observance

What if popularity died today, like some old person, just collapsed and fell off to a dusty memory that no one cares about anymore?
In it’s place, people lived with great observation of every aspect of their lives; would they feel deeply and personally alive for once?
In reality, not too many people these day’s feel totally alive; they probably have a hard time understanding such a statement. But it’s true!
Everything, from politics, to cars and houses, to sports and entertainment is based on popularity; like popular people in high school soon learn, in the real world popularity dies a tragic death. Following more than living, not a happy reality.
Popularity, people have this mindset that popularity is in tune with kids, brought on by the “stars” of the day; dressing like them, acting like them. Popularity goes deeper than that, all the way to people in their “Golden Years;” sadly for some to their young age or old age death.
Popularity, though it should never be, popularity is involved in politics; from hometown politics to congress, to the oval office. Think of having someone like Madonna as the First Lady, or one of the many other singers and actors that have shown little regard for respectable and dignified manners of living. In the observation part of understanding life, people on their own can understand that the voting public no longer has a political party to vote for, the same as Hollywood is liberal, our political body is liberal. If people see a movie, right or wrong in its view, when people go to the polls to cast their votes, they are too often influenced by the entertainment industry; rather than their own mind and heart.
Saving the world as well as the trees, very popular, it’s like a Tree-Huggers United convention when you take a walk in the forest. But when the forest ranger didn’t put enough toilet paper in the outhouse; somehow saving the forest doesn’t matter anymore.
From an observational standpoint, those that follow the save the world and trees mantras, they are often times leading double lives, in the forest they are the conservative users of mother nature, leave no trace behind but a bunch of noise and an occasional gum wrapper. At home, they use the toilet paper, and send the minimal amount into one of the save the world sites on television; they are not being all bad, the world does need help, but the people are not being what they want everyone to believe they are. It is the popularity of their actions, that’s what people are seeing, not the truth of what is in their hearts; it’s a great deal like the opposite, the fanatic of the save the world and forest world of thought and action when too much is too much.
Religion is no worse and no better, it’s the viewership that they are after so the books and trinkets can be sold. The popularity brought on by the sickened actions of society must be wearing off, or, society is getting sicker. The televangelist have been riding a wave for the last decade or so, the old people are now beginning to be replaced with new people; keeping the customers satsatisfied. Then came the stage, that during the “sermon” the stage looked like the evangelist borrowed the stage from a rock band. Afterwards, some band would play, people would wave their arms, sing along and look so enthusiastic because the evangelist told them that they would be rich, have all the good materialistic goods that life has to offer. Then the people go home and turn on a station that gears itself to “Christian Music.” The only thing is, is that the music is so heavy metal in is styling that people can’t understand it, but the viewer rocks out anyway. Popularity at work on the meek and mild, if popularity had a face, those followers would be saying, ‘get behind me Satan’ rather than waving their arms in the air and singing along to such music.
Now in being observant, like the wise old owl, we would see that there are some wealthy evangelest and pastors out there, and a whole lot of poor and overspent parishioners out in the cold and confused world. When all they really have to do to get started, is to open up one book in the privacy of their living room; the Bible.
We humans are not chattel, not for the government, not for the church, not even for the masses; we are separate and independent souls that happen to be walking around in human bodies. That’s the way God made us, but there are those that wish it different, where they learned to be the way they are is beyond me, because if anyone treated them in kind; they would get mad, they might even start World War III.

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