Esto Perpetuum

Esto Perpetuum!

Love everlasting, isn’t that what everyone wants, a love that will last forever, cross that bridge and take them off into eternity together?
In the whole of every person’s heart and soul, isn’t that what everyone wants, a soul deep love that fills every pulsing cell of blood; till we grow old and gray?

A gray and foggy morning, two people walked casually through the tree lined street, talking to no one else, they could notice no one but themselves; the silent city streets offered no resistance to their soft dscent. Words float amongst the smiles, loves meager birth unseen, loves encompassing unfelt in its gathering, unnoticed; even the air that morning was silently watching. In the gray hues of the early morning hour, two hearts; were softly touching.

If love, true love, silently came to everyone’s door, knocking softly; would people know of it’s presence?
Would they feel it in their nerve-endings, would the little voices in the heart communicate with the little voices in the soul; in silent communication of what was happening?

A city block, a mile, an intersection, their longing instant and far; the distance short but so far away. The phone rings, the soft voice, they talk about the feeling, the missing, the descent further, further, further. They want to touch, embrace, close the void now felt inside each other; love carried no warning in the coming path. Never a trailhead marker seen, stating love ahead; just a forest path to be walked.

Would they remember the color of each other’s eye’s?
Would they remember the color of each other’s hair, the sound of each other’s voice; would they remember how it felt to be held, at that moment?

Togetherness felt once more, walking the beach, laughter, collecting seashells and silent memories, hands touch, held in togetherness. The feeling of separation equaled only by the silent growing of the love inside them, a flame was growing stronger inside; never to be vanquished by meddling minds. Togetherness, tranquility, inner voicing’s, foundations were being formed.

When needed, could they separate without care of the other?
In separation, would they communicate within their silent voices, soul to soul, would their feelings last for a minute, till the next touch of hands; till eternity’s end?

Years pass, still holding, still touching, falling in love with every mornings waking hour. Their love warms them at night, brightens their day, smoothes life’s path. The toils of the day shared together, cooking and cleaning, the dilemmas and joys, the needed conversations and the idle chatter; all shared in their love.

If people knew love like they know a house or a car, if they could feel it like they can feel a phone or a credit card, if they could hear it like they can a child’s laughter, if they could see love like the way they watch a television or the snow fall outside; would they nurture it? Would they pay an honest attention to their love while closing out the trappings of society?
Love, God’s gift; it’s a bridge builder!

Esto Perpetuum: Let it be Everlasting, isn’t that what . . . Everyone Wants?

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