Crossing that Bridge

Crossing that Bridge

We will cross that bridge when we come to it, that’s easy to say when you’re on a road, within the safety of your car. But in life, those words don’t amount to much, unless your talking about the bridge between here and heaven.
In life, the road may seem long at times, then all of a sudden, the road just ends, sometimes very abruptly; and there is rarely a bridge. Meaning, if the waters of life are raging, they usually are at that point, you will have no choice but to swim.
Life is like that, it’s unpredictable, one day you are just rolling along, the next day; the slight bumps turn into ruts, so deep you would think you were on the Oregon Trail.
That is were you really learn that you have to respect people, from forgiveness to love, from friendship to family, everything comes into play; life is no longer a flip of the coin of life that can be taken lightly, it becomes serious.
Well for some people it does, others, they can simply ignore the actions of life till they are below the waterline. Then you become very humble, but what if you have a track record, a visible track record? I was told I had one once, but so does everyone; including the one that told me that, for which I love that person more than they understand.
If anyone thinks they have a track record of treating people poorly, they don’t have to feel alone; it’s a cold world. Every rent check in the notes part, because of the cold way that they treat people, I put a note. The teller loves my visits, this time I had just a word, I told her the word, she looked at me and said, “that’s lame,” so I asked what should I put? She types it out then reads it back, “when is it your turn?”
It was better than mine, I liked it. She is fun, it’s good to deal with people that think with depth, and still have a sense of humor.
When is it your turn?
That’s a good question to ask yourself from time to time, because no matter how hard people try to hide their track records, the track records still show, and, if forgiveness is not bigger than self; on your road, you have some ruts coming up.
I have to make some decisions here fairly soon, some people will help me make those decisions, they aren’t taking the time to understand their part; but nonetheless they will be a part of the decisions I make.
Track records amount to actions, words spoken, appreciation of others in a more respectable human manner, seeing people’s efforts, the way that people carry themselves when dealing with others; is it in anger or calm mature manners and thought, less the judgemental actions.
He who judges you know, without true knowledge.
Those are all actions that never have a bridge, if the road gets bumpy, then it gets bumpy; only in the action of humble understanding will anything resemble a bridge. Humble understanding will allow the path of life to continue, as for the decisions?
Well, isn’t it a whole lot better to live in a humble respect when dealing with the ones you care for, than to face an unseen yet viable bridge; before you set fire to said bridge?
But then people have a way of pushing those buttons in a person’s life, it never will mean that you have to carry the guilt or the blame for their actions; nor for their lack of true seeking of understanding.
Therefore I’m not looking for a bridge to cross when I get to it, I am looking at the actions of others, but on my part, I have to understand, how the person lives, what they have been taught in life. That is everyone’s responsibility when dealing with people, especially people they care for; one thing for sure, this life will not go on forever.
I know someone, they have burnt so many bridges in their lifetime, it’s like they have stock in life’s invisible bridge and match companies; one after the other. They don’t care, they just pass the blame and wallow in the drama, they don’t have to fix their life today or any other day for that matter; because, they will cross that bridge when they come to it.

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