If People Could See Normal

If People Could See Normal

The change from Normal to Dysfunction has been so very gradual, the transformation has been simplistic in its process; incremental in its movements.
But what if people could see what normal really looked like?
Like a picture or a statue, done by some renowned artist that is world-wide recognized; sitting in the middle of the town park. It’s hard to believe, that given today’s world, that the human masses would prefer today’s lifestyles and actions as being the preferred normal.
There was a time that society would not tolerate the dysfunction we see today, the treatment of people on the common level that is. Hearing so many people talking of Darfur or Water-Boarding is one thing, but the dysfunction we face most often never makes the news; mainly because it’s foundation is set in the family and friendship stages of our lives.
Looking at the people that are around any of us, how many people would we allow into our lives with 100% trust, who would we give a key to our home to, loan money to; trust to take that bullet for us. Looking at it that way, a distance in people’s relationships becomes greater, not lesser; mostly because the masses has lost it’s ability to invest honestly in life.
Therefore, Normalcy has taken a powder in our lives, when talking in terms of normal, people consider normal to be whatever’s current in society; but the only way to really look at normal, is to look at normal as more of a code of qualified living within the basics of life; minus the hype, political or materialistic manners too common in today’s world. It would be in that code that people would see the portrait of normal, where they could attain the very essence of what normal should be.
If everyone stopped wearing contacts, there would be so many people wearing glasses, if everyone drove cars within their means, there would be far less fancy cars on the road. It’s almost like we are living in a false world, where people still fluff their feathers because they own a 1990’s BMW.
Good for you! Three simple words, but today, those three little words have been used in so many derogatory scenarios that when someone has something happen that they want to share, another person says ‘Good for you!’ with sincerity, the celebrating person thinks they are being degraded because they had something good happen in their life. The sincere person then thinks, I was really happy for them, now they are mad at me. Sincerity needs to be boosted in the words we speak, the actions that we take.

A man once said, I am tired of explaining myself to the overly sensitive and thoughtless of society, one word wrong and they correct you, but they will slam you with profanities if you offend them; it’s like the masses found the fountain of youth and their now all preschoolers again trying to prove their pre-pubescent adulthood.

The shattering truth of this day, is that we as a society are not creating a new and balanced world, but rather, only, recreating a rather dusty old world. If the bulk of the masses cracked a real history book once in awhile they would know what they are making society into has been done before, try Nuremberg as an example, there are other places and times; history is filled with them.
If anyone looked deep enough into the societal histories of the past, and compared them to the society’s of today, they may just see the path we are on, it’s dysfunction as well as its destruction. They are trying to balance it all while seeking a better normal, car rage is up, that alone should be offending people; then look at the scams that rob people and ruin lives. So we create new cottage industries rather than eradicating the problem, changing our own personal attitudes, thus living a more pleasurable life.
Normal, it’s not what we see today, what we see today; it’s your basic homegrown filled with anger, posing, degrading, confusion, and often times a lack of consideration for humanity – dysfunction.
Leaving little room for dignity and respect, and the office political, the television preachers, and the elitist of the world, from movie stars to men and women of power without concern revel in society’s lack of normal; as well as their lack of God. But somewhere down the road of life, society will figure it out, a little worn and tattered, maybe even a little lonely then, but they will figure it out; they will then seek the true meaning of normal.

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