There Was This Man

There Was This Man

There was a Man, he passed a few years back.
He played the guitar, some of the best slide guitar I have ever heard, and the more common finger style also; the guy was good. He even appeared in some movies, he was up there with Betts and S.R.V., he was good, saw him a few times playing; he never wavered. He would sit down in his chair, lay his Fender Strat across his lap; and play. He learned to play that way due, I would imagine, to his capabilities; see, he was blind.
Notice that I didn’t say ‘Disabilities’, the Man didn’t have disabilities, he had capabilities that he tapped and nurtured. He could have given up at a young age, blamed everyone and everything for his life, and I am sure at some point he may have; but on stage, that Man could Rock with the best of them.
Through the years, it’s become more common to see the more gifted people have the disabilities, the ones with all ten fingers on their two hands, the ability to learn and to see. But they tell themselves that they can’t do what their heart and mind tells them they can with a little practice, or maybe they have family telling them that they can’t, the little destructive voices come from everywhere these days; it’s such a degrading world at times.
So, the people with disabilities slip away, into their escape, never even questioning their own thoughts, just blaming the world while they drag others in with them.
For the common person, it may not be easy to play the guitar, but it’s certainly not scary; but if you say you can’t before you try, then you have already failed. When you give anything an honest try, you can’t fail, you can only learn from the experience.
But today, it’s hard to tell anyone that, it’s a whole lot easier to hear their excuses of why they cant; some wear their lack of trying like a badge of honor.
You play the guitar?
I couldn’t do that!
Ever play one?
No, not me!
How do you know?
Might just as well go sit on the wood pile and watch the ants crawl around, as any excuse will do, for some people, any excuse . . . will do.
The achievement, the feeling of accomplishment, they out way the excuses, most importantly, they out way the escape people seek in their avoidance of their lives; still there are those that can’t see even that important quality of trying the guitar or something worthwhile. But they will try a new drug, a different brand of booze, always something stronger; more debilitating.
All those burnt bridges in the process, people should at least watch them burn before striking a match to another bridge. But they just amble on to the next acquaintance calling them friend, using them for what they can. They have no purpose, no value in their lives, but if they invested in their abilities, not their disabilities, they might find they do have value, they should also find that their abilities in life should never be exploited or taken lightly.
Thinking of the Man and his guitar, he had a good presence, it’s a good thing that he was born, learned how to use his capabilities, never getting lost in his disabilities. He showed all that were lucky enough to see him play, that nothing should stop anyone from trying to do something worthwhile and constructive; even when others say they can’t.

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