There Seems to be Some Confusion

There Seems to be some Confusion

Life is to be respected, it’s that simple, life itself, the very essence of life; demands respect!
No one can say it any clearer, it’s not hard to understand, it just is, if you want good in your life; then life has got to be respected!
This guy found a rocket engine and strapped it to his car, took it out to the flats somewhere, kick started it; then proceeded to wreck the rocket engine, himself and the car.
Most people would simply say that he was a moron, no one could fault anyone in that thought, but it goes a little deeper than that; the guy just simply did not respect life.
Had he done so, he wouldn’t have strapped the thing to his car in the first place, he would have understood that once cranked over, the rocket engine could not be shut off; it was designed to go the distance and then burn out.
He went the distance, right to his death.
Well not everyone is messing around with continuous running, uncontrollable rocket engines strapped to their cars; but they are messing with life. They are constantly tempting fate with their actions, never listening, no conversation, no respect. Then when called on it, they get angry passing that anger onto the road as they drive off infecting society with their toxic waste of a life.
While we should feel sorry for people like that, never knowing what they have had in life; the truth is we don’t have to accept their disrespect in our lives. Furthermore, if more people stopped the acceptance; we might just have a better society, and those disruptive people might just seek some help.
Respect in life is in every sport, every drive down a road, if you respect life, you have to see the ill thoughtout actions, you also see the goodness in your actions. That’s seeing your worth, good or bad, you see your worth as a human being.
If a person saves someone from living on the street, the person and their home commands respect, sometimes it won’t take long before the receiver of the gift will show their true colors; the lack of respect will constitute an action taken. At the end of that action, the person opening their door, may just not open the door again for anyone; the disrespectful person will just get angry. So much like a thief, they rob the dignity and peace away like it’s a commodity to be stolen and sold.
The thief always has the toughest lock.
They turn everything around to suit them, they are manipulative, they never pay attention to others; just their selfish needs while at the same time complaining that they are shown no respect or trust. No one can blame the kinder person from shutting the door, only in the opening the door again without getting an attorney, a contract that’s a mile long, a direct line to the police chief; ah, it’s just not worth being respectful or even nice anymore.
And family, no matter how dysfunctional a person is, they work hard at protecting them, they don’t want to put them up for even a night, even if they are hurting, they don’t care; the dysfunctional person won’t be living with the family. But it’s alright that they live with someone else, when the time comes that their dysfunction is no longer accepted, the family nickel and dimes the open door. They know their relatives actions, dislikes it, but the family defends it at the cost of showing their own worth, but why?
Why would any person that appreciates life, peace and solitude want to open the door in kindness to anyone again, it makes little sense to do so; but in doing so, the world becomes just a little colder.
All the while, it comes down to everyone respecting life more, expecting better to come from life by their own goodness in life; and if it doesn’t, there won’t be a second wasted in walking away.
It’s long past time for people to change for the better, no longer can the actions of faulty people be accepted as normal, people have past up the knowledge of what normal really is; to the point that the more kind and thoughtful people are shutting their doors. Leaving the dysfunctional people to take their lacking mentalities to the family’s home, and if the family hates the thought; some government agency will drive the point home, you take care of so and so, or they will be on the street. The family will at that point show their worth, what can change that? Start working on the dysfunction now, don’t coddle them, help them.
Some people have twenty or more years of bad choices made, choices that have destructed their thinking, their degree of intelligence, their ability to communicate, their ability to cope; never should those manners be placed on the good of society, never. Back twenty or more years ago, the “loving family” should have been telling the person that they were messing up, not accepting and acting like it was all okay, not running away from the reality, but dealing with the present reality; before it gets out of hand in the family members golden years.
For me, after several months, it’s easy; the door is shut for good.

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