It’s all Relative

It’s all relative

Guess the yuppie/boomer generation was right, actions equal reactions equal relativity. Poor Einstein and his thoughts on Relitativity in today’s world. On their part, it’s the bigger picture, our economy is struggling, our internal governments are more dysfunctional than ever, and society; well even with the ridiculous amount of apathy and blatant complacency to what society follows, there is more dysfunctional social manners in its relations with those in society.

But what about personal internal happiness? It would be sad all the way around if that no longer mattered, no one caring anymore, no one looking out seeing something good about themselves enough to see the harshness in front of them and protect themselves, all because it is the new thing to be selfishly non-selfish. No protection for the personal soul, just acceptance of whatever happens to be floating by on any given time on the societal followers assembly line.

Whatever happened to, “give peace a chance” or “flower power” or, or, or? Well, all that was a fad, and fads die long before they are forgotten. In this repetitious mass of citizens, we no longer see the damage that we are doing to ourselves, we have accepted the manners of not caring about our actions, in regard to personal interaction on the most common level.

It is more common today to miss out on the good of our lives by being ignorantly judgmental, we live in a semi closed off (not to be confused with being reclusive) world, with our texting, emails, false-friendly and cold social networks. It seems the deeper we sink into the computer age, the more of ourselves we lose. It was once thought that computers were going help humanity, that thought is starting to be proven wrong; unless you want to join a riot somewhere, or maybe join a club that rebuilds old commune’s. Ignorantly judgmental, yes, if you don’t know what has happened in a person’s life, if you don’t know how they really feel inside, because you never had a responsible conversation with them; then how can you be judgemental? That compounds even more when they gave you every chance to understand.

The best way to view the actions above, ask yourself if anyone in your life is playing second fiddle to anyone else in your life and yourself, then look at the reasons for and how much person to person contact you have with them; then ask yourself why they no longer show emotion when you say you love or care for them. Remember, everything is relative, your actions equal their reactions.

Everything is relative, it’s almost like we are becoming our own redheaded stepchild; but we don’t even notice what we are becoming. A strange thought, how can that happen?

By not caring anymore.

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