The Life of Strong

The Life of Strong

No one see’s the tears of the Strong, to the common person that comes across the Strong, the passersby; the Strong that walks this earth have survived, because they have had no real choice in the matters that they face but to survive.
To some, the Strong, they seem like their actions are carved from stone, their smiles small, they seem non-caring, they live their lives as if someone is watching; and they don’t like onlookers.
It is not the truth, well societys view of truth, buff/brawn/hardcore tap-out truth that people are seeing when they look at the strong, because the Strong won’t show himself; least not 100% of who they are inside.
Therefore, people see the Strong as obstinate, stubborn, hard to get along with, those things are more associated with the egotistical and selfish of society, not the Inwardly Strong of society.
The hard part of a Strong persons existence, is that, people feel intinmidated by Strong, unsure of how to get close to the Strong person. The Strong would let anyone into their lives, as long as respect was a highlight of the person before them, no coddling, no lies, no glad-handing. The Strong has endured so many people with such traits, an ugly side of life that the Strong, by choice, stays far removed from people of inherent societal toxicity, in order to protect the peace and calm that they carry inside; they know too well the disrespectful ways of people these days, ways so many people wallow in so that they can be accepted by their part of the masses.
Street thugs, muggers, rapist, con artist, that guy all dressed in black with his stereotyped boots and chains, they aren’t Strong, and nor is the girlfriend.
Strong is on the inside, but in today’s world, the inward spirit of Strength, well it’s just not looked at or nurtured anymore; just not the fashionable thing to do these days. “It is what it is,” right?

What it takes to be Strong:
Listen when someone takes the time to talk to you, with truth and wisdom, and yes, an honest love (get off your arrogant high horse or pedestal, open your ears and mind; and listen.) These days, in real thought, in this fast paced, live for the day world, people are short on remembering the lessons of life; therefore, when someone that has gone before you talks – you had better listen. Beware though, some of the people in their mid fifties (years of age) on up, due to drugs amongst other addictions, they are no smarter in life’s matters than that sixteen year-old you stand next to at the bus stop. Beyond that, it’s a gift from above, that anyone these days will even have a deeper than dirt conversation with anyone, don’t show disrespect to any person so willing; don’t pass up wisdom.

Live by a more moral code (such as how to treat people and nature,)

Be respectful (do unto others as you only wish you could be to them for the way they have treated you, but you are too respectful of others, to treat people the way that they treat you. That makes you the better person,)

Be honest (even though 99% of society lies, cheats, even on the most common level, like the people that we live or work with, or even love,)

Base everything on the Ten Commandments (people are very good at quoting one or more of the Commandments, but few live by their true meaning,)

Be honest in love (a love based on even the smallest of lies will not last, it matters little who starts the first lie, the outcome will always be the same,)

If you are a friend, then be one (don’t be afraid to tell your friend that they are heading down the wrong path if they in fact are, if you don’t, you are not a friend,)

Don’t follow the crowd (with the apathy in society these days, a society that can’t tell the difference between Faith and religion, not to mention, society see’s everyday the white trails in the sky – they after forty-plus years still call them vapor trails. And people really want to follow society’s ways?)

Be communicative (turn off everything used in communicating these days, talk in person, talk on the phone, voice to voice, that is why God gave you a mouth and vocal cords. It’s not old school, it’s a capability that should be used,)

There are no real friends being made on Facebook (friends and family should be guarded as to personal loss on such sites, those sites only serve to severely decrease the true power of communication; ah I’ll reply tomorrow; what happens when tomorrow with loved ones is gone for good?)

Pick the truly Good and Emulate that Good (doing so may not be popular, but can anyone really say that with all the gadgets and belief systems that we have in our lives today, that are the best thing since sliced bread, are they really doing us any good? If anyone can say that with the gadgets and belief systems, that we are Even Remotely close to 100% better, I would have to say, you should recheck your life. When it comes to friendship and family, what you lose today, you will miss for a good long time – maybe an eternity.)

With that, equip your judgments with firsthand knowledge, or, you will be judged. It won’t be God judging you at that point; it will be your family and friends. After that, just sit back and wait, because God will do the rest . . . He might even take it a little easier on you; there is always hope, even for those that never care about anything but themselves.

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