Shake it Loose

Shake it Loose

The results of liberalism, the face of liberalism is all over the television screens of America, to be Elvis for one moment.
Shootings between police and young black men with guns, one after the other, never-ending. What has society done, what has the father’s and mothers done, broken homes, being from one is a tired excuse of the young.
Old enough to pull the gun on the uniform with the badge, old enough to die by his or her gun; the decision is yours and yours alone. But what of those that are left behind?
Riots, riots for any reason; it’s as if there is a catalog of insane and dreadful reasons that never closes. People follow, sometimes to the end with blood at their feet, it happened throughout the whole of the Crucifixtion; it’s happening now. What have we learned? Or is it what have we forgotten?
The red-light district, avoid it sons and daughters, that was the warning from so long ago, when society had a conscious. The Cosby Show, all the way to 7th Heaven, young or old women, men or children, it’s all been tainted and accepted; and no one cares. Oh the body, it’s to sell, maybe not on the street corner, maybe not in an adult form of entertainment; adult entertainment, now there is a shallow name for something that leaves a void of thought before going home to your loved ones.
The body, revealing, scant, meant to sell the product, the legal service, the television show, the movie, the music; designed and meant to be sold to the family via the computer or the television in the comforts of their own home.
Liberalism, Conservatism; put them in their perspective places taking them out of society’s lacking meaning. Before the third world war breaks out, before all out chaos knocks at your door.
Liberalism: Using or abusing something like there is no tomorrow.
Conservatism: Use something sparingly, you may need whatever it is tomorrow.
Police, rid yourself of the S.W.A.T. uniforms, dump the arrogance to the side of the squad car. Remember, you are human under the bulletproof vest, the chest camera; and the gun. The problems that society faces, they are yours too, your family can face everything that society will ever face; being a well attired policeman or policewoman will never make you immortal, you will get old and you will retire to a more vulnerable state of living.
Politicians, America/Americans, no matter the color of their skin, they are all covered under the umbrella of the still and very viable Constitution; the very Constitution the politicians are hell bent on fighting over. It’s in plain English, least it was before the politicians started carving away at it. The bed is only meant for one, republican and democrats have forgotten the fact, the fact has amounted to political bedlam that has cost many their decline as well as their lives.
Society, grow as in GROW up! Think of it this way, if you want to look like a Gangsta, then you have made the conscious decision to get shot. Slavery is dead, it is a political money making bandwagon that society likes to ride because they have lost their moral compass. And the news, they don’t care who or where someone gets shot, it keeps their ratings up, and pays the bills for the fancy people reporting the news.
The computer is not your babysitter or your friend, society should have learned that from the invention of the television.
Families, broken or not, raise the bar, it’s hard to go from child to adult with few years between the two. But it’s even harder to go from child to adult with fifty years between the two, that indicates the mentality of who is running the country these days.
Know that commercials do effect your family, their choices, their wishes. If the news is rough, it’s because it’s a view of society, albeit it’s a society accepted; a society that little care about in their running and hiding from. The big escape!
Know that businesses today use sex to sell their items, if they need that, then it’s not worth buying; go back to the drawing board until you come up with an advertisement and product suitable for a child to have innocent fun with.
Before long, if we don’t change, we will turn on the news and see: The government announced Thursday that Santa was found to be fraudulent and unsuitable as an American icon. All Santa’s are to be considered illegal, and may be considered armed and dangerous. This breaking news just in, a black Santa has been shot, for giving a police officer a candy cane. The officer stated that the victim came at him, he had a vicious look on his face behind the faux beard, wig and hat. The mother of the victim Santa, she stated that her son was confused, been smoking the legal marijuana, but it hasn’t helped. She then stated that her son Santa was dead, I have too many things to do, I wash my hands of him. The last thing the mother was seen doing is getting into a car after leaning through the passenger window and accepting cash from a man in nice suit, they drove off smiling. Well that is the news, at least two people are going to be happy tonight; happy holidays every one.
So keep going on, maybe if society can’t change for the better, then maybe society will get used to the bitter taste of dysfunction.

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