Misunderstanding Love

Misunderstanding Love

The days of poets past, when Shakespeare penned his sonnets and plays, to today, in this grace-less age, the time, the wisdom, the spirituality of loves true meaning, it is so very different than then, or even the bygone years of the last century; the 1900’s or the 20th century.
In a world such as what we have before any of us, the fine, the beautiful, the fanciful people; who treat love like a wounded butterfly that is trying to fly with one tattered wing. Like the wounded butterfly, once beautiful and majestic, free and graceful, love when, today, when controlled, used and abused; love like the butterfly gets left behind to die a slow and sometimes bitter death.
If true love were really a dime a dozen, or around every un-shadowy corner, why then, are there so many reaching out for love in so many ways, some of the ways are more haunting than meaningful; and why are there so many lonely people in the world of love and romance?

Well you can blame television and the movies, in truth, with a lack of understanding, all the television and movies do, is to confirm the insanity of life.

You can blame the government, or, the economy, the pressure of them both leaves no time for love; so “we get what we get.”

Oh, you can blame God, without a word of thanks, blaming God is the first thing people do; in love or death God always gets the blame.

How about the need for good looks, younger, money, shapes or size in both men and women (you take that where you want to)? Pure shallow self fulfillment.

No matter what your view of life, living, the importance of Faith in your life and love, there is one common denominator, it is in the way that people look at the importance and the value of love. If a man or woman seeks the more societal superficial reasons of finding love, then they won’t be alone in doing so. But, they should know, that they will more often than not, find a person that is equally as shallow as they are in the proscess. But at the same time, the person that falls in love with a shallow person, with an honest love, they are the ones that get hurt.
The reason that people have problems in finding a worthy love for their life is twofold.
One is that they don’t regard themselves too highly, their reaching out proves that. There are those people that think they are worth more, but those people need to understand the meaning of being humble. But the ones that feel lacking in their worth, well, there are enough people out there that will take advantage of them. So, stopping so that a breath can be taken, the person must take that time to find their worth in respect to humanity.
Second would be looking for substance, life would be better all the way around if people did just that, looked for substance in anything that involved life. But in the view of love, substance is paramount, it’s the key to everything, more so than any of the other trappings common to the meaning of love.

Investment and true conversations, they are the key’s to a real and honest love. Those two things are the glue that holds all the other aspects of love together, if more people would take more time to understand the fact that without a true human investment and face to face conversation at every chance given; without those two things, people might just as well hang out at the bar for the rest of their lives.

Wish someone would explain this, why do people believe that love is the word that will heal everything, or that sex will suffice if they don’t use the word love? Society dropped the ball on the wisdom end of love so long ago that the finding of the answer to the question has become boring in the seeking. Besides, the answer won’t cure the reputation to love or it’s creator, that’s right – creator; if the creation of love were left up to man/woman-kind, love would have been so much more messed up long before today.

So, if someone says that they love you, tell them to prove it, put some knowledge in love, before you give up your dignity, respect or body, your self worth; tell them to prove it.

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