Fear & Jealousy

Fear and Jealousy

This life that everyone breathing on this earth is living, young or old, is responding in one form or another to fear. To a degree, fear has controlled our actions, our relationships, fear has crept into our lives; and fear is difficult at best to extract from our lives, for some they die with their worst fears intact.
From friendships to relationships, from the workplace to the government, fear controls thoughts and actions, but fear also controls what people see in the people that they meet.
In this day in age, more and more people are after something, the best deal, or some fleeting relationship, from the untrustworthy dating scams to the scams against the elderly; to the untrustworthy-ness of our neighbors to our government.
A good portion of our fears come, in fact, from all that we see, do, and come in contact with on a very common level; family and friends are just the tip of the fear iceberg. Mainly, people these day’s don’t take family and friends in a respectful serious manner, some peoples take on family and friends is that the two of them are to be used; a very boring take on life that has disintegrated many long time friendships.
Friendships are the base for every relationship, they have to be honest and trustworthy from the very beginning, if they aren’t; in the possible near future the true colors will show and the friendship will fail.
The dubious part of this society’s future is that a good portion of society carries little concern to the value, the true value of friendships in their lives. It’s as if people are the true loner that never needs people in their lives, but that is never true, as an example; where would a business be if they disregarded the people that came through their doors?
They would soon be out of business, look at the failure of businesses theses day’s, they are learning how to treat people – but are they learning fast enough? Are we as a society learning fast enough about our relationships with the people in our lives?
What we do in our families and our friendships, well, we pass the same traits on in our more spousal relationships. Then it becomes an odds game, will it last or will it not last, oh this is just not working out – it’s done. That is the way that it works these days, few if any of our society takes a good look at the cause of strife in their lives; only in the escape do they ever look, never correcting their own personal cause for their problems.
There was this shop, buying and selling used goods. There was a woman in the shop, a good looking woman in her own right, but she lived in a fear of men coming on to her. A man that she always helped was leaving, when he said goodbye he patted her wrist (a true and genuine pat on the wrist, like a grandpa would do.) The woman behind the counter, at that point, looked at the long standing customer as a common bar-sweep guy coming on to her, and the man, he never went back in.
His actions were pure, that’s the way that he lived his life; what the woman did was to insult the man’s integrity. Some would say, you have to look at what the woman may have gone through in her life, that may be true, but what about the man?
His integrity will never be emulated, he will be forgotten, and he may show less concern for others in the long run; all because a woman believed in the selling qualities of beauty and sexuality while never understanding the dignity that stood before her. The man didn’t want anything, his life was full, a more beautiful Lady at home than the lady behind the counter; the man was being something that people know little about these days, he was being Cordial. He wasn’t looking for some flash in the night relationship, he was just respecting the woman as a human being, the woman’s loss and the store’s loss.
Fear in the above is tightly linked to society’s respect for life, as well as society’s knowledge of life and how to live with respect and dignity. This society can no longer act like respect and dignity are cheap commodities that can be purchased anywhere, if society does; the point of no return will slip right past without even a whisper.
Once that happens, people will really understand fear, because there won’t be anyone that will care about anything.

Jealousy is one of the most unneeded attributes of people, nothing gets a person into more trouble than jealousy, from pimply faced kids, to the seniors in the old folks home; jealousy is one of the most destructive emotions the common human uses without thought or human knowledge.
It is like candy for some, once they take a bite of jealousy, it looks like normal goods to those inflicted with the emotional scourge. But jealousy is something akin to child’s play, though in adults, jealousy has turned to murder, outrageous anger; jealousy is an emotion that should be outgrown before adulthood.
It’s the outgrowing jealousy that is the problem, it is an acceptable emotion with the flows of the popular crowd, even those that aren’t part of the popular crowd. And it is one of the sins in the Bible, but you hear Christians exclaim their jealousy for something in the mortal world belonging to someone else. So jealousy is in everyone, given the fact that not much in society is anchored stately to any kind of a moral compass these days, it stands to reason that the shaky climate of jealousy would be seen on the news in the form as stalkers, both male and female murderers, tragically inundated divorces that turn children into nutcases. Too bad the adults of this world never grew out of the childish emotion of jealousy.
If we as a society are going to build a better country, we are going to have to build a better Us as a person, forget the SiFi drivel, as a society, we are going to have to give up our child like ways; that includes jealousy.
Nothing is more unsightly than to deal with someone in their forties and up that’s trying to be sixteen for the rest of their lives, it’s simply depressive; then add to that mentality that they think reckless abandon and jealousy are normal, what a fatal Mickey. That would also include those that have never grown out of hippie-dom, a repeated era that should never see daylight. Nothing wrong with civil rights and such; but the fact that most of that generation had no problem with the destruction left behind by the Occupier’s, that says a lot about the lack of a moral compass in society. It also shows the childish side of society, the side that should be setting the example for the youth. The side of society that should be saying, jealousy is wrong and unneeded in life, invest your young life in the gaining of wisdom and substance; you won’t go wrong!

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