Days should be filled with something that feels productive, or at the least some sort of accomplishment; even if it’s taking out the garbage.
But some days, no matter what you do, you just can’t get into the very thought of finishing; too tired or ill, things are done before you start.
It’s on those days that the only thing that won’t hurt is thinking, have to be careful though; as to, just what you allow in your mind to think about.
Every thought is not all that good, like the suicides that have made the news lately,notable public figures. Every one jumps on the act of the suicide, makes their judgments, sells their stories or their books and then moves on. The person was all confused or disgruntled, they were mentally sick and off their meds. The public says, oh the poor person, that action last about a week before the public finds another attention getter to get lost in.
Well what if those suicide victims had a few minutes to where they could come back and give the public their reasons, on broadcast television. What if they said they were tired of trying to survive in a society that lacks such Grace and wisdom, a society that’s too lazy or selfish to understand and seek what’s truly valuable in life.
Would the public even try to understand the reasoning before saying that the suicide victims were weak minded, too bad so sad, wanna get a beer?
What if something happened in your life, between you and a close friend, a parent or relative, but what happened was never proven to be true. Say a decade or better goes by, before the truth surfaces making the person an innocent victim of societal actions, or the actions of another person that has never been questioned about their action in the matter. You have lived in anger and distrust for so long, would you have a deep and constructive conversation with the person, and if they showed you unconditional love even though you put distance between the two of you, would you ignore the truth and pass it all up. “There’s two sides to every story baby, there’s yours and mine, and the cold hard truth!” Good song but very true.
Thoughts can turn into destructive fantasies, that should be abolished before they even have a chance to be remembered. Some of those thoughts have been turned into movies, have you ever watched a wickedly dark movie, then sat back and wondered what kind of mind the creator of the movie had?
Some people follow what comes out of such minds, they act out the very things they see in the movies that were created by such minds, murders or drugs, rapes or beatings; at that point the mind of the movies creator becomes the food for societal action. The big question is, where does the dysfunction of one mind end? Is it with the mature mind? If so, just how mature is society these days?
Thoughts are thoughts, some should be nurtured, and some should be discarded before the thoughts are given a life of their own; a tough thing in today’s societal life, where violence – sex – mayhem makes a good deal of money; and money talks.
Someone once said, while talking about their love of crime shows (the more realistic, or the more surreal ones) and satanisticly bad or violent books, “I have no problem with them, because I know they aren’t true!” Has the person ever watched the news for more than a minute?
Thoughts, sometimes people simply have too much time to think, maybe it’s time to be more constructive; in a more pleasurable manner with something that includes things that deal with love amongst the ruins, minus all the trappings of society – like sex drugs and rock & roll. You know, hand in hand stuff, and being thankful enough to understand the true meaning and value of love.

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