Distance in Words

Distance in words

In the mediocrity of life, it is easy to short change the ones that love and care honestly about you; ultimately, you short change yourself. All the “I love you’s” and the “we will do it soon’s”, ah and the “it’s in the heart that counts, thinking of you’s.” A time always comes to those words that renders them useless, just coddling words to be spoken to appease. Such words, after a while, become like time wasted; they never appease, only to be understood, when the warmth of such chances to build stronger more meaningful relationships are gone for good. But then, stalwart lasting relationships are around every corner, or so it would seem in today’s mutiny riddled ways.

It happens in families all the time, these days anyway, then a death comes with regrets to follow. A mother, father, sister or brother, you see in an instant the time wasted and the chances gone. Where just the day before or maybe an hour before, your shopping, getting those groceries that you know will go moldy before you get to eating them, maybe it’s the latte, or the complaining of someone having a cigarette a block away. You could have made a call, said I love or thank you for something that was done for you, but no, you didn’t want to take the time, too much life reactions to focus on; you use the best excuse ever, you don’t have the time. But in reality, you do have the time.

Two men talking in a bank, one the customer, the other the teller. The teller states that he misses home and his family, the customer replies to the teller, if you left today – no one would remember you in two weeks. The customer goes back three or four weeks later, the teller is gone. When the customer asks about the teller, the manager tells the customer that his old teller quit and moved his family back to his home town. The transaction done, the thank you’s given, the customer smiles, looks at the crowd knowing maybe a couple of people may remember the old teller, the rest; well “it’s just another day in paradise” and they will just move on to the next smiling face behind the counter. The teller and the customer are both happy, something in life has to work out for the better, even if the customer lost his favorite teller; something in life has to work out. In this case, words counted, the time given counted, and yet it is so hard for people to understand the need to put some merit and truth into their words.

Friends these days are notorious for the use of false words, through complacency, societal traits; just blatant non caring manners. Understanding the coldness of such actions will come in time, that emergency that happens at some of the oddest of times. At midnight, friends of some people turn their phones off, they need their beauty sleep, sometimes they hear the phone ring and simply turn over and ignore the ringing. But they are your friends, don’t they care that you are having a heart attack? The [me] syndrome that has plagued society is fast becoming boring and dangerous; but saying that you are a persons friend is as easy as saying I will be your friend for life; some things are proven sooner than later. Then the words of another no longer matter any more, such words also taint the words of otherwise honest people, the ones that really would be there to help you.

Words are important, that is why we have the means to use a large vocabulary, not to schmooze someone at the bar, but to really do some good for those around you. There should always be truth in your words, otherwise the old idiom remains true; “if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

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