What’s Important to You?

What’s Important to You?

Is it where you are going to spend eternity, or the substance found in your friends; maybe it’s the more life enhancing parts of your life over the more materialistic things that so many hold dear.
We live in a world, that every day, our lives and our society dives deeper into its chaotic spin; never really sure how things are going to turn out. Well, when God created man, he gave us a brain, he gave us a heart, and he gave us a soul; and for many reasons, one of those reasons is so that we can ponder life’s meaning as well as our life’s outcome. One might be surprised how many atheistic beliefs are turned over, when the eminent truth is before the dieing; that’s when the heart and the soul truly take over.
Years ago there was a movie called Mindwalk, it’s about three people that actually carry on a conversation, while walking around, exploring rather casually the countryside. In today’s social climents, when the backside of Kim Kardashian makes more food for thought in a lot of minds than the true realities of life, a movie like Mindwalk would be too boring for the release on this Christmas day.
If not this Christmas, maybe next, or maybe, the Christmas after; wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and have a conversation about what really is important in our lives; before someone meaningful in our life passes.
There is only one problem with waiting for the next Christmas, the next month, the next day; it’s life’s ebbs or tides. Watch the waves when at the ocean, they come in, and then they go out again waiting for no one; so identical to the lifespan of humans, first we are born and at times our lives are unexpectedly ended and short of time to converse.
When born, with all the innocence, we start learning about life. During our life, we share our experiences with others, walking on the beach, learning how to drive, caring for someone; in simplest terms we live and learn.
All that we do in life comes with a lesson, talking back to someone, committing a victimless crime (there is truly not a victimless crime, because someone will feel the outcome,) neglect of someone through ignoring their presence; the reason matters little, but the action means a lot.
Now if a person honestly looks at their actions, then they will learn something, they will converse with someone using the lessons learned; thus passing on life’s wisdom. Gaining wisdom in life will help oneself and others seek what is honestly important to them, in youth that is not on the high priority list; but as you get older that list will change, and life will become more important.
Refactoring a person’s belief system is important the older a person gets, mainly because we can’t go back and change what has been done. Consider someone living by the lifestyles, be it being popular, faith vs religion, criminal activity; lifestyles they have learned from others – but they aren’t happy. The older a person gets, they wish more and more that they could change, or at least turn back the clock; in a viable effort to live within the means of what’s important to them.
Having sat at a few dinner tables, or sat in on many conversations, were the people are asked to state one after the other what is it that the person/s are thankful for (if you are thankful for something, then that something carries importance) in their life.
All the flip answers, all the shyness or arrogant manners, those people are showing more of their life’s lacking wisdom of what is important in their personal lives; but when thinking about the lacking involvement when asked what is important to life; it’s hard not to feel sorry for those that are so flip. Seemingly, those that refuse or ignore the opportunity to contribute to the conversation, it appears on the surface, and probably with some depth, that they are unable to realize what and who are important in their lives.
Young or old, private or corporate business, citizen or some form of the governmental realm, it is of great relevance to anyone’s life; to know just what is Important to our lives.
Especially when we remember, what we do or say, is in direct relation to not only our actions; but what we value in our heart and soul as Important.

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