Life in the Tube

Life in the Tube

Every year, the world wakes up to a couple of months of announcements, the new shows or episodes. Not thinking of all the cable and internet types here, thinking more along the lines of getting just few stations; because of the affordability factor.
An antenna only brings in so much, the reasons for the antenna over the other methods of reception are simple.
Being frugal, that $30.00 to $200.00 a month can be used better elsewhere.
Being logical, that $30.00 to $200.00 a month simply means, in some places or cases; if they shut one off, you lose the phone – internet – and the television.
Being thoughtful of your financial position, that $30.00 to $200.00 a month can be used better elsewhere; like food and rent, did I mention the heat bill if your in Boston today.
SSI, cable for some is a dream or a memory, they can’t afford such frivolous wants, they may have at one time, but the times they are a changing.
Besides, look at the lineup, not that cop shows never carry [A] good message, but they are filled with violence, and demented minds causing all kinds of destruction. Every year, they put a new face on the same old cop shows.
Then we have the ethnicity topics, or at least the actors. That shouldn’t matter, it’s the subject matter that counts, don’t really care if it’s Black White or Purple, it’s the subject matter; especially when it comes to the younger audiences. The grown ups are too often doing other things, like trying to figure out how to pay that $30.00 to $200.00 a month bill that can be used better elsewhere.
Then there is the moral part, there is none, if there is, it gets lost in the script. From brushing your teeth and washing your hands as a kid, to God and Faith, if the message is there; the rest of the script and the action eats it up like candy.
Then if there is no blood guts and gore, it’s just off the shelf weird, and filled with adult, not always mature innuendo’s and subject matter. Remembering the younger audiences, they have to make their young minds up about something, so why feed them political and societal agendas, or any other nonsense; why not something with substance and balance.
And those commercials, I am sure that little Bobby and little Martha needs a five minute dissertation on the less than many benefits of Extends. Or the repetition of car insurance commercials, face it, the little lizards cute, but for little Bobby and Martha, on their trikes and little red wagons; they don’t need infomercials, they need honest substance.
Got to thinking about this as I turned on the tube this morning, thinking of Springsteen and the now old song of his, asking myself why am I turning it on, there’s not going to be any thing on when I do. To my surprise though, there was an old Randolph Scott western on; but soon my mind was made up for me, the power went out.
Went to the coffee place, got a chocolate muffin and a latte, and got back to typing. Now, there are all kinds of sirens and utility trucks scurrying about, someone must have hit a pole or something; anyway the power was out for more than a few blocks, maybe even miles.
Makes me think, in spite of getting to see one of my favorite Barista, she is a nice young lady, works hard, going to school; proud to know her, she should be an inspiration to any young person. I got to thinking though, why do we even need television, I mean, I just drove through a real time episode brought to me from the studios of Destructive University’s Life Studies and Moronic Actions Program.
Hey if it’s raining, slow your act down, a friend used to ask me when when I had no choice but to hurry, “how far would you have been had I not called you back?” I would quickly answer as work is work and it needed doing, “two lengths of a fool, if you don’t believe me, just lay down an we will measure!”
Now on this day, I get to listen to the sirens, watch it rain, at least till my battery runs too low. But on rainy days, or any time really, a phone pole, brick wall, or the bumper of the car in front of you; they won’t care about anyone’s giddy up, get out of my way, my life is more important than yours attitude.
I don’t have cable, yep the reliable antenna is all, still see the garbage being played out, the useless fodder of who shot who, decrepit and diminished minds with diabolical plots, and two moron brothers bringing up a boy, that often times is smarter than the adult brother’s; in a still black and white (no racial references intended, it’s a manner of speech referring to anyone’s ability to never seeing the gray area that we all live in) world.
If you were sitting here with me, you would have noticed the thoughtful pause I just took, what came from the pause was this: I am Thankful, I have my music.

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