A Face in the Clouds

A Face in the Clouds

Somewhere, a man was talking about people that see things in the clouds, how it’s all in the mind. How the mind plays those little tricks on us in our thinking, there is nothing to think about really the man said, as what we are seeing in cloud formations just is not part of reality.
But what if, what we see in clouds is really more of an indicator of what or how we live our lives, like a reflection of what we believe? What if what we see in cloud shapes are the silent voices of God speaking to us of something better than what we see out our naked window?
The same as some abstract piece of art, it happens all the time in art exhibits, a hundred people walk past the artwork never saying a word, they just walk on forgetting what they had just seen. Then all of a sudden, someone stops for a good look at the artwork, they see something in it; they buy it and take it home.
So what if there really aren’t cloud formations in the shape of Easter Bunnies, or running dogs? What if what we see in the clouds are what we see in terms of a peaceful imagination? Shouldn’t that explain a more peaceful heart? A more peaceful soul?
I would rather look at a cloud and see a loving heart, or a dove in flight; than I would a mushroom shaped cloud that reminds me of, say, Hiroshima.
Besides, the people saying that what we see in clouds are just in the mind, some of them have no problem showing someone Ink Blots to see if they are sane or not, so what’s wrong with someone being a watcher of clouds? Taking the time in peaceful contemplation of their lives and what makes them happy, is that really so bad?
Someone once said that the problem with the adults of this world, is that they have forgotten how to be kids! I might add, they have forgotten that they once were.
There may be some truth in that statement, if looked at closer, the adults may just relax better, stretched out on a blanket in the yard looking at clouds, gazing at the stars, with their children next to them; could that really be all that bad? Could it be that bad for a relationship with the children or a spouse? Not by any stretch of the Logical Imagination could doing so be bad, for anyone, heck, I just came in from looking at the little and big dippers, today, looking at the clouds I saw the beautiful shape of an angel in flight; don’t think I am ready for a straitjacket.
But I have to wonder about the people that can’t see anything in the clouds, nor the shapes of tree limbs, rock formations; where is their creative mind? Where is their romantic bone? What a boring life to not use your imagination, at least, at some point in the day, week, month or year. Just looking at the same old thing day in and day out.
Think of the imagination that it took to build the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Empire State Building, when those designers were kids, they, may have seen things in the clouds; therefore it should not be relegated as simply the mind playing tricks on the dreamers of the day, or in fact the dreamers of the future.
So some of us get lost for a moment, watching clouds on our lunch breaks or coffee breaks; it’s better than going back to work all mad and postal isn’t it?
The ill, laying in their hospital beds, so they get lost in the clouds; it’s not like they are going to jump out of bed to climb Everest or something, is it?
Take the time, for a few minutes be a kid again, see what you can see in the clouds, use your maybe forgotten imagination; it really is okay to take the time. Who knows, one of those Intellectual types, all stuffy, maybe they are having a bad day; you could invite them to stand with you, teach them something they may have forgotten. Like how to have faith in what you see, like a thinking, wondering, creative child does.

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