The Self Absorbing

The Self Absorbing

Everyone wants their lives to run smoothly, that is very true, that’s why in percentage of the global population; only a handful of that percentage that honestly believes in a true free life get involved. The rest only use the free life for their own gain! The politicians and their perks, the doctors and their drug company ties, whatever society allows, there are those in society that will take advantage of the masses gullibility; a gullibility brought on by being so self absorbed.
The society as a whole, never cares about politics, never cares about illnesses, never cares about Faith or God, in reality; they don’t even care about their own dwindling freedom.
It is a difficult task to wake people up to the perils they face in the future, especially when they see it everyday, but they ignore what they see; it’s too disturbing to their shadowed eyes, too much to wrap their mind around.
Right now society is like the people in the old mines, they will have to come outside sooner or later; but will their eye’s adjust to the light of day?
The light of day, in the above, it’s not the light that everyone should be worried about; having the best looking pair of sunglasses won’t be a concern at that point.
Mostly it will look more like one huge Regret, the regret of not taking life, humanity, love; all the good and truly freedom filled aspects of life more serious, and then protecting those aspects of life like a free and thoughtful population should.
Not because it’s popular, but because it’s the right thing to do.
A couple of years ago, a guy tried to start an awareness day, just a day out of the year, it was on Facebook. He had the connections he thought by the so called friend base, all the people and groups that cared about the Free America, he asked them to promote the day, stating that all anyone would have to do, was to write about what they saw in that one day on their site, and maybe share it with his site.
The day came and went, not a word was written nor shared, not even from one of the more vocal of the freedom loving American group leaders; let alone his friends on Facebook.
He shut his site down, he didn’t need to be a part of the society that was so self absorbed in their daily lives that they couldn’t take the time for a days worth of awareness and the writing of a short note on Facebook about what they saw; but they could write their friends about the dinner they just had down at Lucky Jim’s Restaurant & Lounge.
He gave up his trying to help people see, broke all ties on Facebook, and just sank into the society that will never see him. Some may call him selfish, weak; and even unconcerned, but he wasn’t. He was just tired of swimming upstream in a self absorbed world, he is probably living very happily in the middle of Nebraska somewhere; far from society’s conditioning while tending to his wheat fields.
If people could ever see the people in their lives who honestly and selflessly tried, with longevity in their efforts in their trying, if the people that are so wrapped up in their own lives could just see how many people in their self absorbed lives that just faded away while leaving their doors open to the ones that they love; should those loved ones come to their senses and walk through the welcoming door.

An afterthought: After writing this and then posting it a few hours ago, I got to thinking. Years ago, a friend saw a youngster and his father walking down the road, the son had semi severe disabilities; but they were both walking and laughing, and hugging each other. My friend knew where my Faith laid, he looked at the son, and asked me, where is your God now? I looked at the love between the father and the son, then asked; you didn’t see him?

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