The Flat Tire Reality

The Flat Tire Reality

Driving to Oregon once, on a very cold damp night, in the middle of basically nowhere; we had a flat tire. Something shot under the car, heard it bouncing under the car till it finally left our presence on the road; I have no clue what it was or where it went.
Then all of a sudden, in the blackness of the night, something even blacker went flying off towards the dividing strip of grass and dirt that separates the two directions of Interstate-5; there went our tire, gone, nothing left but the rim.
We pulled over to the side of the road, got out and looked at what remained of the left front tire, feeling the cutting wind blow through us, we said I love you and got back in the car knowing that we were both safe. It was before the days of the iPad, but not before the day of the cel-phone; we called AAA, then settled in, holding hands and talking.
What a pleasure, just sitting there talking; makes me glad I have never had an iPad, what is life without true conversation worth anyway?
The tow truck and driver, they had a ways to come from, so the time we had on the side of the road; it was plentiful and beautiful. I never ask when the true conversation stopped, because I know; it was 5:01p.m. on a November evening in 2009, from that point on, the conversation comes through two hearts and two souls, sure do miss hearing her voice though.
Ain’t nobody in this world can take her place in any manner, but then, that shows to go ya; just what depth an honest love means when it’s tied two souls together. Love is key to life, that is for sure, a good deal of life cannot be lived without love being present.
The nagging question, in the present day experience of life anyway, is when do people begin to understand that the conversations have ended?
For the simple reason that someone fails to reply, keep a date planned, keep someone in the loop; one day there are no I love yous, no considerations, nothing coming their way. When do they understand?
Can’t blame the person that gave up, that would be wrong, but then this is a more selfish world; the people that gives little thought in the matter, their guilt always comes with an excuse when they need to talk to you.
So, “Where’s The Love?” It’s as if society lives through the words of its catchphrase’s more than they do their true meaning, such manners are just feeding the [Self] more than striving for a better society; especially when those catchphrase’s are used for a person’s gain.
Well don’t worry about the love coming from me, it’s safe and sound in the silence of the waiting person, most likely, the love never left; it’s been put on hold in its waiting for humanity to mature, or at least those in a person’s life to appreciate what they had.
People play the games, I’m better than you, I have more money than you, I have more . . . power than you; well that may be well and good in your house, but you still have put your pants on one leg at a time. Don’t ya Hoss, everyone’s gotta have a dream. It’s in the maturity of humanity, that is where everyone sees your worth; wether society believes it or not.
Always wanting to waste the time of others but never their own, I have probably been blamed for that, but the truth of the matter is; I have always been known to treat people the way that they treat me. Treat me like I am a convenience, or an acquaintance; guess what your going to get in return, the crown of jewels; well, nah, just well.
An old friend lives just down the road, never visits, haven’t stopped or waved in years, guess it’s just not the time for me to do so; did in the past, just not today. Been waiting for a phone call since New Year’s day, no call, got the texts though; not mad, just have filled my days with other things to do, not to worry the love is still there.
See everyone thinks their lives are more important than everyone else’s life, and if you don’t have latest techno gadgets, then your not savvy enough; but, you are the one that can hold a decent conversation, using the mind and heart of your life’s experience as your guide. Makes you kind of wonder what those confessional booths are like these days, do the priest go in and just fall asleep from boredom?
That night, the flat tire, the time spent waiting filled with love and conversation; the time was memorable more than some of the other times in my life. We were gluing more fabric to our lives together, that is and was important. The tow truck came, the driver got us on our way safely, we saw the children, visited with friends, created more memories; eventfully uneventful was the trip that basically started with a flat tire.
And to be honest, I have never missed not owning an iPad; but I sure do miss her soft beautiful voice!

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