I Wish I Could Explain

Wish I Could Explain

Oh how I wish I could convey in words, but I don’t know if I can; the words come so hard, and the simplistic words, they will never have the strength.
Wish I could explain the silent voicing, the tones, so low and soft; I can’t, they are never heard in external sounds.
Wish I could describe all that I see, the painted portraits of the past, the colors so deep and rich of the future.
Wish I could relate the feeling pulsating through me at those special moments, but I can’t, the soft warmth, there is no other feeling like it; no blanket so tranquil.
Wish I could make clear, the invisible touch to my hand, my shoulder, but I can’t, so sure yet so invisible.
Wish I could translate the power like Einstein would, but then, I don’t know if even he could.
Wish I could give a location from which to look, but the feeling is too immense, head to toe a covering.
Wish I could say it was a peaceful ocean, washing the day away, but no wave exist.
Wish I could say it was like a forest, but the tallest redwood is too short.
Wish I could say it was as thick as a brick, but even Jethro couldn’t describe the density.
Wish I could paint a picture, but no brush could handle the strokes in need of making.
Wish I could take a snapshot of it, but the camera lense would fail in catching the image and it’s range.
Wish I could explain the comfort, the cradling, the calm, but no furniture invented could ever compare.
Wish I could explain the beauty, but none has ever been found to compare, only in its parts can you find beauty.
Wish I could explain the function at least, but my mechanical mind can’t think in such terms.
Wish I could walk anyone through it, but the true path to its welcoming front door is unseen.
Wish I Could Explain . . . The Soul!

Maybe, maybe that is why no one believes in the soul anymore, maybe in the explaining is the abusing however innocent. Within, beyond, internal, external, above, below, close, distant, sameness, opposite, seen, unseen; all words apply, no words apply. In my daring to explain, I fail in the trying, a failure accepted for I feel it’s presence; I know it’s truth is it’s existence in me.
So much so, is the reason for the feelings of true Faith, and an honest Love. In the unseen powers of love, the lovers place their faith; but sadly believe in only one. Two souls softly walk side by side, golden strands dangle and float, till the beginning of both in unison gain meaning and embrace; tied for eternity.

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