Momentary Thoughts Without Action

Momentary Thoughts Without Action

The nebbing time always comes like clockwork, it’s necessary according to the doctor, and the E.R.; they tell you those things when you almost take that journey, twice.
Not this year though, I have dubbed this year the Year of Finishing Things, like that “What if you only had one month to live?” thing that is going around in the Christian circles. The thing about the “Month” thing, is that everyone should be thinking about that, Christians and Non-Christians both. Definitely a thought for society as a whole, but then some moron just might grab the gun with the most bullets if they did, so be picky with who you tell.
They used to say that sympathy (no I am not looking for sympathy!) fall’s between that one bodily excretion and syphilis in the dictionary, makes me think, if that is true; why do so many want sympathy, and yet so diligently never give any these days.
See the point is, people won’t ask the same of themselves when it comes to there own life’s meaning, the path that they are on, how they treat others; they just keep on walking like nothing is happening.
So, let’s just take Terrorists and Terrorism, The End Times, all forms of Religiosity, all forms of Government, all forms of Civility, all Weapons, all Substances that are used for escape, all Shelters; take them all out of your life for a moment, for that moment think of your life. Or you can multiply them in your life, thinking of what life may be worth to you, whatever it takes to drive a thought.
Would God become more important?
Would an open discussion about life become more important?
How about your regrets, anger, frustration, those things you harbor about someone; would you talk to that someone today?
Would an honest life and Love mean something more today above any other day in your past?
I would hope life, love and living would finally get it’s rightful position on center stage.
Twice, see I don’t care if my time comes today, tomorrow, or a year from now; getting that close didn’t bother me the first or the second time, so a third won’t be much different. But my life today, how I treat people, what I waste my time accepting in the way of treatment from others, the honesty of my Love given; now those things mean something to me.
Guess you could say, in these pages, is everything I wish my children to know, but may not have the time to tell them; given life’s uncertain path. But then any of us carry that same uncertainty, a bus, a truck, natural causes, or; one of those New York Cabs everyone hears about. We all carry that uncertainty, but rather than running from the uncertainty, why not try to understand it’s inherent value in our lives so that we can live better?
Place our efforts in living less selfishly in a better place?
Understanding life rather than trying to escape life?
But then there is the human aspect of ‘Self’, a strong son of a gun. Know of two people that have eye issue’s, that may leave them blind at a young age, they are the most untrustworthy people in the way that they treat people. They simply don’t care, they are going to get theirs at anyone’s expense, they don’t care; they believe their health issue gives them the right to be . . . well, deplorable. But how many others are out there using their health issues as an excuse? We are always being told that we have to understand them, because of . . . But Why? Especially if We All Carry that same Uncertainty?
The Blind Chef, a friend, been blind for years, he cooks, he is a pastor, and he started his own travel agency for people with special needs, not to mention he gets around on crutches, mostly due to diabetes.
If any person has the right to complain, he will be the first to tell you, it’s not him.
Back to the nebbing, I thought today, what if I didn’t do it, just skip it, move on to a better place? Nah, it was just a thought, the Good Book says if you take your life, you can’t go to heaven, with a very special Lady and two special pets J.J. and Angel waiting for me, I can tell ya I won’t jeopardise that process. Beside, this is the Year of Finishing Things.

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