If I Built the Perfect Home

If I Built the Perfect Home

The perfect house, people want a perfect house, as if they don’t have the perfect house already; then U-Haul would be out of business, no one would ever move. So that tells me that people, not everyone, but a good portion of the population are not were they want to be. Truck and storage businesses do a bang up business these days!
This man, he felt a need, so he opened the phonebook, found an architect that was on his way home from work, knowing that it would be a convenient stop for him; he just wasn’t prepared for what he got.
He went into the architects office, after their introductions, the man sat down to tell the man his needs.
Architect: So what can I do for you?
Man: Well, we have three children, a boy and two girls, all in a two bedroom house, with an attached two car garage, we need something a little bigger; maybe two extra bedrooms.
Architect: That has to be aggravating for the children, how old are they?
Man: 10, 14 and 16 years old. Why did you ask?
Architect: Just to get to know your situation better, do you a better service that way.
Man: They all get along, couldn’t ask for better children, just seems like life would be better with a little more room.
Architect: Any room filling hobbies, like a sewing room, wood working, things that take up room?
Man: Not really, usual stuff, my son builds model cars, he has a wall covered with them, the girls collect dolls and things, they have storage boxes full of them in the closet and under the bed. Most of what the wife and I do is done in the garage, painting and repairing the car, easily workable.
Architect: So mostly it’s an extra bedroom if nothing else?
Man: Yeah, I suppose so!
Architect: Do you own the house?
Man: What’s that matter, I can finance the building of a new house, if that is what your thinking.
Architect: No, just trying to save you money, if the neighborhood and schools are to your liking; why move?
Man: Suppose your right, they are good, and the children are happy.
Architect: How about the property, is the yard big enough for the family?
Man: It’s big enough, summer games all that, what’s that matter?
Architect: Well, you can go out, or you can go up; or you can convert a portion of the garage into an extra room. Do you have a basement?
Man: Yeah, I do have a basement, leaks a little, filled with junk though.
Architect: There is a possibility, the rest of the house, enough room for Christmas Trees and furniture, whatever?
Man: Yes, how long is this going to go on? The questions, I have to get home to the family sometime tonight.
Architect: Just about done, is there love in the house?
Man: Look, ya want the job or not? There is whole lot of love in the house! And I really have to get home, my family is waiting, I don’t like detaining them!
Architect: Yes, I do want the job, here show me what the basement looks like, just a quick sketch of where the furnace is, that kind of thing.
The man quickly draws out the basement and locations of Windows, furnace, water heater, washer and dryer. Then gives it to the Architect to look at, showing his need to get going.
Man: There, can you do anything with it?
Architect: Yes, I think I can, I think you and your family will be happy too! Here, I will show you, then you can put your address down, I will go out tomorrow and get some working measurements so that I can draw it up.
The Architect scribbles out a quick thought on paper, the basement and one for the main floor, showing any changes he might suggest.
The basement, he shows where he can seal the foundation and inner walls, soundproof the cieling/upper floor, cover the piping. For the main floor, the Architect, draws a square on the piece of paper, with a door simulated by a little line that represented an open door; and in the box where the furniture goes, were the words: Abundant love resides here, no changes needed.
The man scribbles down his address and phone number, then sits back and looks at the Architect.
Man: Thank you!
Architect: Good, I will see you tomorrow, we will get everything going. Now, have a good night with your family.
The man stood to his feet, shaking the Architects hand.
Man: Guess, it’s not in the wanting, you knew what we needed, sometimes the wanting overshadows the need; like our need to retain the warmth of love in our lives, and our home. See you tomorrow, anytime is good.
Architect: One more question, what are you going to tell your family since your not going to build them a new house?
Man: Nothing, I’m just simply going to tell them . . . That I Love them more today than yesterday, and less today than I will tomorrow.
The man and the Architect said goodnight, the man left and headed for home. Pulling up in the driveway, the man paused, looking at the swing set, the flowers and the garden, the porch and the front door that always welcomes him home at the end of the day. His wife comes out from the front door, her auburn hair, her smile, her open arms.
Wife: Well, what did you decide?
Man: Well Dear, love resides here for all of us; we are home. Come on, let’s go in, I’ll explain it to everyone.
Wife: Sounds good to me.
Man: Have I told you that I love you today?
Wife: You do everyday Darlin, everyday!
The man smiled, they stepped through their new old front door; together.

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