Sapphire Moon

Sapphire Moon

Sometimes, the truth of Myths and Legends reside more in the heart, than in logical fact. Then at times you think, maybe, they are true, it’s just that conversations in time and repetition; made them more the fable than the true account. That is why we have history books, for which some of those history books today, if used anymore, have been turned into fabled renditions of the past. So in some cases, it comes down to what you see, and what you feel; like the course of those violent or nonviolent marches across our country in recent months passed. Not everyone understood the reason, for them, it was simply an excuse to liven up their day

We built this home, our four hands cut the logs, drove the spikes, set the windows and doors. Every wall between every corner, was built with love, people said that they could feel it whenever they walked through the door; there is a peacefulness here, they would say.
We were young then, bought the land, cleared what we wanted, then built our home. That was years ago, been living in the city for sometime, they took my car away, said I was too dangerous, might get hurt. Built this log home, and now I might get hurt, guess they know what’s best; there is balance in life somewhere. The family comes out here, bringing me with them at times; Christmas, Easter. But I wanted some personal time here, before . . . you know, personal time.
Don’t know how you got here, but it sure is good to see you; here at the old fire pit.
A friend dropped me off here, along with a bag of food, it’s in the kitchen if you are hungry. But as long as you are here, you might as well enjoy the fire, it is a nice night to just sit, maybe talk to an owl or something.
Used to love sitting out here, by the fire, never a bad time spent. Holding hands, taking the time for a kiss. Look at that moon, lighting up Lovers Ledge, ever hear the story? Bout, Lovers Ledge?
Back around 1858 it was, about the beginning of the Civil war.
The migration West, a family had settled in the area of the Snake river, up in the Wallowa’s somewhere. That was the land of the Nez Perce Indians, they migrated everywhere on their land for their needs to live and survive. Their hunting, seasonal living, they were a magnificent people.
One day, while out hunting, one of the young members of a Nez Perce hunting party found a young girl hanging off one of the bluffs along the river. He saved her from falling, knowing where the family had been living, he took the girl to her home where her parents thanked him the best they could.
The young Nez Perce brave, he would stop and see the girl and the family, it wasn’t long before a love blossomed between the two young people. The family did not like what was happening, too much could happen to the girl, or the young Nez Perce brave. They said no to the fledgling romance and sent the brave on his way. The tribal members felt the same, but their fears were more in tune with the news of the Whiteman man’s intrusion, lies, and the spreading word of Indian wars.
The young Nez Perce brave and the girl found ways of meeting in the woods for long walks, long talks, and Love.
Soon both families found out, banning the relationship, then one day, a member of the young girls family shot the Nez Perce brave, wounding him.
The young girl ran to him, taking him deeper into the woods along the high canyons of the Snake; where that ledge is up there. Some of the Nez Perce braves in the area heard the shots and ran towards the sound, when they got there they found the men from the girls home, their guns aimed at the brave.
The young girl was trying to protect the Nez Perce brave, yelling at the men to leave him alone. The young Brave was doing the same when the rest of the local Nez Perce arrived, no one was listening, panic had set in, taking over any thought of calm understanding.
A shot fired hitting the young girl in the chest, as she started to go over the bluff the young Brave grabbed her, pulling her close while holding her in his arms.
Her gasping for air to breathe slowing, she told the Nez Perce brave that she loves him, then; her head and neck went limp in the young braves arms. The young Brave looks at the men, asking ‘Why?’, then he stroked her hair, holds her face close to his; then he slowly takes his love over the bluff to his death.
As a kid I had seen them, Patsy Cline and others sang about them, the Blue Moon; round here, they are called the Sapphire Moon.
Every year about this time, there is a Sapphire Moon, it is said that the young Girl and the young Nez Perce brave can be seen holding each other on the bluff up there, I have seen them and the Sapphire Moon before, but I wanted to see it one more time.

That’s a beautiful story, you never told me that before, why?

Guess I was saving it for a special time.

Want to go home?

Thought you’d never get around to asking, here give me your hand!

The next morning, the family drove up the drive, there by the fire pit sat the man, curled up at his feet was a sleeping gray colored coyote. They got out of the car, causing the coyote to scurry off into the woods, as they walked over to the man in his chair; they noted that he wasn’t as alarmed as he should have been at their being there.
When they walked in front of the man, they saw that he had passed some time in the night, the coyote and the diminishing fire his only companions. Had he not passed, well maybe he did hear their words, when his family said; we love you dad.

Life gives us the changes, and the options, to get over our stumbling blocks of uncertainty, anger, and our following of everything but our heart’s and soul’s. Life gives time, time to understand an honest love from a user’s love. Life allows us days, months and years to reflect on what was right in our actions of living; and the actions that may have or should have been taken.
Were the actions, the thoughts, the love, were they not simply word’s and movement’s meant to appease life in our haste; then life will be seen as lived in our old age. Mine, to those around me in their thoughts, not my concern; but mine has been lived.

Myth or Truth, Dear Reader; you decide….

[The blue Sapphire long known to symbolize Faith, Loyalty and Fidelity making a blue Sapphire perfect for relationships built on an honest love. Beyond the good virtues of marriage, Sapphires have also been known as the stone of good fortune, protection, wisdom, and hope.];_ylt=A0SO8ypLM8RU.WMAiF5x.9w4;_ylc=X1MDOTU0MDA2Mzg1BF9yAzIEYWN0bgNjbGsEY3NyY3B2aWQDeHUwMDNUSXdPQzZYcHpseFZGMHBQZ25KTWpRdU1nQUFBQURIcmpxQwRmcjIDc2ItdG9wBGdwcmlkA19wUjdwZFdrUmFHczQ0UkgwVmg1SkEEbl9zdWdnAzgEcG9zAzAEcXN0cmwDMTQEcXVlcnkDc3Rvcnlib29rIGxvdmUEdF9zdG1wAzE0MjIxNDQ1MjAEdnRlc3RpZAM-?pvid=xu003TIwOC6XpzlxVF0pPgnJMjQuMgAAAADHrjqC&ei=UTF-8&_tsrc=yfp-hrmob-900&gprid=_pR7pdWkRaGs44RH0Vh5JA&fr2=sb-top&p=storybook+love

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