The Turnaround

The Turnaround

One thing that I have always thought, is that if society gave up their following mentalities of life, then maybe everyone could live a more content; or at least a more harmonious life.
The taking of a drive, a long drive; but a drive.
We both heard it, it came silently to us, no one else heard the voice. It was saying come here, the doors are open. We knew the voice well, it came all the way from Santa Cruz, 41st ave, The Pink Godzilla, Sushi, rice, eel; Sushi.
We hopped in the car, headed west on ‘152’ through the eucalyptus trees and the pines, through the ‘if you wink you’ll miss it’ town of Freedom, then the ‘1’, the coast Highway to 41st. The only problem, the little voice didn’t tell us that the street was packed with cars.
We hit the side streets, nothing, no parking within . . . forever.
There is always something going on in Santa Cruz, its a popular town on the weekends, Surf City, the boardwalk, one of the last or maybe the oldest wooden rollercoasters in American history, amusement park shops, games, and rides; but there are other ways around the traffic, this was our back yard, we knew there had to be another way.
We ended up on a two-way main road, this will get us there; well we thought that anyway. My Grace, I would go anywhere with her, the Love of my life, if she wanted Sushi, it was more important than me wanting Sushi; mainly because she never asked for much, part of her silent beauty, well besides her smile . . . and green eyes.
We pulled onto the road, the right direction for our needs. There was a slight curve in the road, we pulled into the slight curve, nothing but taillights, red as far as you can see; in our wait for traffic to get moving, having plenty of time to think, we figured out that we had fallen into a parade of fools.
Let them wait if they wish, we are out of here, we head back to the ‘1’; the Pink Godzilla will still be there on another day. Once on the ‘1’, it’s time to decide, south to Monterey, or head north for Scott’s Valley?
If we head north, towards Scott’s Valley, then on to San Jose, we would have to deal with the crotch-rocket riders where on the weekends they own the road, traffic, speed-traps; traffic, miles and miles of traffic with out of nowhere scooters splitting the lanes. But if we head south, Sand City, then maybe Monterey; more of an open road.
We headed south, made it through Moss Landing, then cut off to the Artichoke Capital of the world, Castroville, home of the Giant Artichoke. It had been a long drive, we were ready to eat, something had to happen soon, our companion hadn’t stretched his four furry legs since our traditional stop back on ‘152’; even his front legs were crossed.
Once in the parking lot, we parked the car, took J.J. for his needed walk, then it was our time, we had waited a real long time, driven a lot of miles, through countless taillight lit streets, all for something we didn’t plan on eating. We had been here before, it was a common stop for us; we knew what we were getting!
Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts, two boxes please, and a couple containers of your House Dressing; oh and plenty of napkins if you don’t mind?
Another crossroads, on to Monterey, Steinbeck, Zappa, Robert Lewis Stevenson, the inspiration for Eric Burdon & The Animals song Monterey after the Pop Festival that was held there; or home?
All that history in the waiting, we did have our Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts and the House Dressing plus the napkins; but we were tired, so we headed for home.
That was our day, a day that was filled with U-Turns, switchback’s, a whole bunch of cars, no Sushi, a variety of choices that were made or discarded, we got to see miles of sand and marshes; and a couple of landings filled with pleasure boats.
Not a bit of the trip could be called unpleasant, in thought, or retrospect, the trip was one of the best that we ever took; which isn’t hard for me to fathom, all of our trips were perfect. What made them perfect was the Love and Companionship that always entered the car with us, we never left angry, like the drive was just another drive taking away time from some good movie or sports show; it was always an adventure with something small or large, but new to see.
In 2009, the adventures ended, cancer found its way into our lives, for both my Graceful Lady and our fluffy Companion, but the memories of our drives, really of everything that we ever did, they have overridden any bumps or hurdles we may have faced in our lives.
All because we did it all Together, we did it with a Tremendous amount of Love and Commitment; on our worst day, our Love pulled us through.
I don’t have very many ‘worse’ days, because my two worse days were back in November 2009, and no matter the actions of people, the weather or anything; our Love still pulls me through my day.
Invest in Love, don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter as long as there is sex or money, Love is a key component of the Heart and the Soul, nothing else. Know that there are no such things as Free Love or Making Love, that is society’s misplaced thoughts working their way into people’s lives. The simple fact is, is that you can only invest in love, with an honest love, no other form of investment can be made!
Invest in Love, so that when you look back, you will know that you have done something very beautiful in your life; it’s a whole lot better than the alternative.

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