Looking Deeper

Looking Deeper

The “Stinken Thinken” in society can be seen all around us, it’s everywhere, the foreboding lives, filled with drama to fill their days with. You, me, everyone can see it; it’s everywhere.
Right now there is a person staying in a cold room, they haven’t figured out that there is a whole world around them, or that they are just a drop of paint on life’s canvas. There is nothing anyone can say but, eat cow manure and bark at the moon. They can’t come out to the warmth of the front of the house, but they can complain and whine about the cold, somehow, in a demented way, it gives their life substance. But the truth is, them being in their sixties, they are no longer the Prema Donna, for them, those days left forty years ago, if they were even there to begin with.
They can’t understand why there is little substantive conversation in their lives, or why no one gives it a chance, they wear their lacking abilities on their sleeves with honor no matter where they go, saving the chatter for their fb account, because they can think before they type; but in the real as in REAL world they flounder, never wanting to do or be better.
Sure they did the drugs, wasted a ton of years, rather than trying to understand life, they pumped, smoked, sniffed or popped their way through their life; forsaking the knowledge of life that would truly make their life happy. Shrugging the old shoulders, yep, let them bark at the moon. The first step is always theirs to make, it’s no one’s responsibility to help; till they take that first step.
See that is what made the classics so great, the people that wrote them, Longfellow, Whitman, amongst others, they lived life, they knew the value of life in all aspects. Today, the meaning of life escapes so many people because of their “Stinken Thinken” and their lack of want to understand life better, takes too much time; it’s too depressing. Well, gotta ask, those that wallow in the murky world on the societal path, how is life working for ya so far? And will you be happy, all warm and fuzzy, in your older years when your left all alone to do nothing but think for your entertainment?
Just saw a commercial, the guy from the over fifties dating crowd said he was looking for someone with substance, the woman in the same age group said she was looking for someone that was free and unencumbered; well the two people are nothing more than oil and water. Being free and unencumbered, unless you are talking materialisticly, substance never comes from being free and unencumbered, those two things do one thing; they simply allow a person the ability to see and understand the substance in their lives. I wonder if he found his substance, or if their relationship lasted any longer than the commercial, just a thought.
A person needing a place to stay, they should never act like they own the situation, that is unacceptable and rude. They should appreciate what they have, they should at the very least clean up their own mess, and help with chores, nothing more. They should respect the person opening the door to them, never disrespecting the person’s need for solitude when it’s a known fact that the door opened to them wasn’t attached to a halfway house, but rather a personal residence. It’s a moronic way to act, and the person that is being kind; they don’t need your trash or your attitude, it’s long past time to mature.
But people do those things and they think it’s okay to do so, simply put, that is the way that society thinks, the world is their oyster. It doesn’t matter that it’s not, it’s there for the taking; unless it’s their stuff, their life, then it’s worth protecting.
A dismal thought, when sooner or later, the people that worked hard for the lives they have, understanding the value of their life and what it means to actually acquire a life that while it’s not a rich life; it’s a comfortable life, and they will protect their life and all that encompasses it.
The one thing that people need to understand, is if someone in the older ranks of age, if they don’t wish to put up with those from the Boomer generation, what will that say about the generations to follow? The generation that paid homage to the birth of the me me me world we live in today, where there are occupiers and riots breaking out all over the country, often times sanctioned by the uninvolved, nonviolent, peace and love generation; it has to be asked, just how are the following generations supposed to act? Certainly, no one would want them to act accordingly, especially if they are emulating the Boomers.
But the following generations should be seeking a better way to live than what they see today. They should not emulate anyone that shows any lacking ability to understand life and the simple gifts life can give, gifts like understanding the darker walks of life so they don’t gravitate towards them. To put it simply, if it comes with a price, it may be more than you can pay; especially when it comes to your sanity and old age.

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