The Road

The Road

People think of road trips, with the family, or just a husband and wife, there is always too much attention placed on the process of just getting going.
Things to entertain the children, where to go, what to see, are their good maps; is there enough food?
Probably the most important part, the food.
Don’t forget the family dog, the balls or sticks, the food and water, along with a water bowl; and a blanket for the dog with a couple of blankets for the others in the car.
Sounds like a big ordeal, soon there are tempers flying, word’s get passed; then someone says, I don’t want to go!
You look at your watch, 11:30 a.m., you started this non eventful journey at 8:00 a.m., and no one is even in the car, well maybe no one; the family dog is in there just wagging his tail. But even he gets tired of the whole show, then he lays down in the back seat till someone says come on, lets go back in the house; by now everyone is so mad, throwing a ball in the yard for the little guy won’t even happen, so he gets out of the car and heads for his favorite spot in the living room to lay down.
The trick is, is to have most of that stuff in the car at all times, especially if you are prone to taking get away drives often. Even the most seasoned Street Rodder will keep certain things in their trunk besides tools, if they show their car, they take it out.
So why is it so hard to simply take a drive for the sake of getting away?
It’s the mentalities of the people going on the drive, that is what it comes down too!
Going on a drive is never a problem, if people don’t put themselves first, but someone has to have their way; so they get snotty. Now anyone put in that position, they would look at the person, if the person is young, they would say grow up. If they are older, they would be told to grow up, they wouldn’t like being called a child; but if the shoe fits.
So it boils down to selfishness, and the only one that had better never act up, and at all times be respected; is the driver.

I am at the crossroads with this writing.
1: Talk about the drives we have taken, and, how.
2: Equate a road trip to substance abuse.

Take number two first, substance abuse.
It seems the people that have strong ties, and years to substance abuse, it seems that they are the biggest children when it comes to life; even if they have quit. The difference between one person that took that path and another in the same category, is that one may have seen a need in their life to grow up some, they know that their maturity had been stunted.
So they refuse to sit back, they crack a classic book, watch older movies; anything with substance. They have a lot of road to cover and they know it, so they get going, they want their lives back, no more wallowing in self pity and depression; they now have a viable goal, and they are aiming for it.
Now the other substance abuser, they haven’t gotten the idea yet. Someone once said, if your fifteen the first time you smoke marijuana, you will be fifteen for a long long time. Then they compound their slipping mentalities by doing harsher drugs, till they tire of it all and they quite. But they never seek the help they need, they wallow in their depressions, drink beer like water till they see a doctor for their illness.
The doctors these days, they love people with depression, yep more drugs. I had a cold once, told the doctor that it was a blah few days, she looked at me, blah she says? Not, what was the mucus like, was their a temperature; she focused on blah. Probably broke her heart when I told her to get over blah, it as well as depression is highly overrated.
So the people above, they get put on drug’s, swallowing the multitude of pills with their beer. Depression times twenty if they are lucky, the lucky ones though, are the ones that seek sound help, surround themselves with supportive people while leaving the old crowd behind. If the old crowd is of blood family, then they, if they want their life back, they have to become the mature one.
One of the biggest hurdles that a substance abuser has to work on constantly, is the trust factor; new or old people in their life, it matters little. If they can’t prove their worth, in terms of honesty and trust, then they will never get the respect they wish for.
For someone like me, I will give people a chance, but I will not be their babysitter. If you are giving your situation an honest shot, I will have no problem with it. If you are not, you will not be a part of my life for long, and I will call you on the situation.
I didn’t live clear of that stuff all my life, so that in my older years, I could babysit those that touted substance abuse as kool. I took a lot of rough ribbing through my years for not conforming, but now, the ribbing is gone; and the true conformist (those in their sixties) are paying the price for their actions. And to think, some people back then, they didn’t trust me; because I didn’t fit in.
To think, there are some people that want to resurrect the 1960’s; not when we haven’t paid the true price for that decade . . . yet! That would be like repeating a part of history that for the most part, has failed; and all you have to do is to take a very deep and honest look at society; you will see it all, from blue-babbies to dysfunctional seniors.

Let’s move on to the first one, remember, the crossroads?
We would take a drive at any hour, unless we had work the next day. It took little time for us to get going, and any road was good. Had some maps, rarely used them, north, east, south and west were all we ever needed to know; the idea was to get out of town for a pleasurable break from life.
We took off, all the back roads we could find, all the way to San Juan Bautista, then back home, with some new back roads to add to our list. After walking around San Juan Bautista, eating lunch and buying bread and pastries, we left the lovely town.
Kind of a north east arc, we would see a road, we’d take it, avoiding all highways. It took a while, some calm driving through the farms and ranches, but a peacefully beautiful drive nonetheless.
We took a road towards the end of our day, home still a ways off, we kept driving, the sun beginning to set over the hills that separate Morgan Hill from the coast. All of a sudden, one huge field of the most beautiful yellow flowers, sitting right under the sunset. Oh, we stopped the car, got out with our dog and took a walk, till the sun went down.
That Dear readers, is . . . Substance, and Love!

If you do have an addiction problem, check out this site:

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