Boil Over

Boil Over

Chuffy, you out here? The boss asked, as he stepped out into the shop with a young man at his side.
What’s ya need? A gruff voice came back, as a big man dressed in overalls looked out from a machine.
Brought you a new helper, try not to wear this one out. Says he has experience in shops. The boss tells Chuffy.
Chuffy stands there, looks at the young man, then he smiles, not happily; but Chuffy smiles.
What the Sam-Hill are those things in your ears, catch a twig in one, it’ll tear your ear clean off; do that, your ear will be somewhere yonder and ya be take’n the rest of the month off. Fix’em boy, don’t really care how. Chuffy said as he took another look at the young man.
Them chains, what, ya leave the chain gang ta get her boy, get shed of’em. One of them lifts comes by, it’ll snag yer bacon and haul it ta the butcher’s market before ya even know it. Look boy, the only thing that you have in yer favor are them boots, but get rid of them chains ya got hang’n on’em, and use them laces fer what they were intended, while yer at it, hike yer pants up, good Lord, I hope yer not as stupid as you look in all that fashion glitter and clang ya got on ya. That stuff’s good for impress’n people on the street, but in here; it ain’t worth a Boston Dollar, go get yer self fixed up and get back here. Chuffy, chuckled at the young man.
What’s yer name boy? Chuffy asks the young man.
Nathaniel, most people call me Nat, or Stingray! The young man said.
Well ain’t that cute, nicknamed after a pesky bug or a flat fish, think I’ll stick with boy. Nathaniel is a little to dignified a name by the looks of you, get a move on boy, want ya back here in a few minutes; need me ta light the cut’n torch ta get ya outta them chains? Chuffy said with a laugh as Nathaniel walked off towards the men’s room.
The boss was walking out to the shop as the young man was walking towards the restroom.
Old man, talks illiterate, needs to be on some ranch somewhere, not dissing me. The young man muttered as he walked through stepping angrily towards the restroom door.
What was that you said young man? The boss asked the youg man.
That old man, Chuffy, where did he come from? He talks stupid. The young man said.
Well let me tell you something about Chuffy, he sounds more grumpy than most people here, but he really isn’t, he just takes the shop and all this equipment serious; he knows the dangers here. The kool street life, it never teaches you about life, and if it does, it’s an often times hard or deadly lesson. I don’t want anyone else running my shop, if you curb that attitude that you have brewing with Chuffy, listen and pay attention, you can learn a good deal. Let me guess, the chains, your ears? The boss said.
Yeah, didn’t like the way he talked to me, he’s not my father. The young man says as he goes through the restroom door.
The boss walks over to Chuffy.
Guess you are getting along well with the new guy Chuffy? The boss says with a smile.
Well, see if this horse’ll boil over, my thought, the horse won’t buck, be a boring rodeo. Chuffy said with a smile.
The boy does have a lot of glitter and clang to him, makes ya wonder how he gets around, seen some of them office ladies downtown, they got less than he does. See what comes back, all that weight off’n him he may just float out; be like hunt’n a duck with a rake ta get him back down as ta get him ta work’n and show’n his worth. Chuffy laughs.
Well Chuffy, don’t be too hard on him, says he likes to be called Nat for whatever the reason may be. See what he is like, take it from there. The boss says as he leaves for his office.
The young man comes back from the restroom, no chains, tape over his lower ears.
I am ready, show me what to do. The young man said with an air of anger mixed with reluctance.
Well boy your back, let’s see if ya brisk up, be better than swim’n in canal water if ya do. Just know this boy, I ain’t your bull nurse, you wanna learn a trade, then turn that cap around the way it should be and let’s get ta work. Chuffy says gruffly responding to the young man’s childlike attitude for having to clean up so that he can get paid for a days work.
Ah, don’t worry boy, don’t work out here, ya can always go work for some Churn-Twister somewhere. Chuffy says with a smile.
The boss walking towards the office door, shakes his head with a smile, “that young man may be in for a ride, but it’s probably going to be the best ride he has ever had, all that he can learn from Chuffy; might just be the best break he has gotten so far.”

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