We as a Society Accept:

We as society’s accept:

Dwindling work ethics, Judgmental people, Arrogance, Faulty family values, Substance abuse, Ignorance, War, Poor economy, Suppression, False preachers, Police state, Loss of freedom, Immorality, Political abuse, Lies, Faulty celebrities, The darker side of life, Occupiers, The thought that Sex sells, False profits, PA-C’s as doctors, Liberalization, A lack of teaching history, Everything cool that isn’t, Medical marijuana that’s being use by the recreationalist, Childish arrogance, Fashion dictates, Drones in private hands, Drones still in private hands but in the governments control, Multiple invasions of personal privacy; fueled by public apathy, non-patriotic compliance, and blind complacency.
And, God is bad, people destroy the lives of others through Scams, Legal trickery; and God … is bad?
With great amazement, as a society, people should be able to see what they are living within their lives; but they seemingly never do. They look outside at the sky, when they get into their cars, on their way to work or to the store; not to mention that they can see the history of what they are seeing in old movies, the very same thing they are seeing above their homes today by the numbers. People have been seeing chemtrails for decades while they have grown in record numbers since, in some areas there are maybe forty or more a day. Everyone should know that the new fallout can be felt every twelve hours as the new residue mixes with the old; but people don’t see them, nor will they care till they find that they can’t take a bite of snow like they did when they were children.
That is the way that it works, people in this country, as a whole; well they don’t care much about anything except for themselves, till the water supply gets poisoned. Christians, Non-Christians, it matters little, the apathy and complacency is still the same; hope the over fifty crowd is happy with themselves as they have passed that apathy and complacency on like an inherent sickness.
What is more amazing, watch some of the programs that recycle the old rockers from the 1950’s to the 1970’s, watch the crowd applauding, singing, dancing; they are the same people, in part, that built the society that we have today. They are all smiles as they reach back to a better time, like they own it; God only knows, they don’t and never will.
The above people, if aware, should understand that while they are lost in the Oldies and not so Goldies, they should know that when the trails in the sky grew in numbers, well so did all the respiratory problems in cities and towns, in other words, it’s a money maker. But, they all, still blame cigarettes. Yes, everyone should worry more about second hand smoke, than controlled death; but call it by its real name – Genocide, with a Global Warming guise, another money maker.
Ask someone that you know, someone that has some say in your life, someone that should be getting to know you better like a doctor that is there to help you. Information about you, to them is paramount; so ask them what they know about you. People that you see all the time like at the local coffeehouse, a store, people that you see very often, that say things like your my favorite customer; ask them what they know about you. Words come easy, these days words simply roll off a person’s tongue with little thought of truth or longevity. In some circles, mostly old circles, that would be called shallow.
But, when you look at all the above, you will see where shallowness abounds in our society, in reality, all that shallowness helps to feed every component of the above; guess it’s long past time to take life serious again, look for balance and substance again. Before we all become acquaintances and nothing more.

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2 Responses to We as a Society Accept:

  1. Salman Khan says:

    Fully agree šŸ™‚ God says in the Qur’an: “Verily ! God does not change the condition of people until they change that which is in themselves; and if God wills something bad for a folk, there is none that can stop it, nor do they have any supporter except Him.” (Qur’an, Surah Raad; 13:11)


  2. Salman Khan says:

    Reblogged this on Word of Salman Khan and commented:
    Introspect thyself before you blame anything or anyone else. “Verily ! God does not change the condition of people until they change that which is in themselves; and if God wills something bad for a folk, there is none that can stop it, nor do they have any supporter except Him. (Qur’an, Surah Raad; 13:11)”


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