The Stone Carver

The Stone Carver

The whole purpose of this site is life, and what is important in the end. Maybe even a couple of apologetic thoughts thrown in.
Life being what it is, at times, nothing to write home about, at other times, you want to tell the world of all that is beautiful in your life; beauty that is ill conceived or not.
The real truth, is that life is bumpy at best, sometimes you get a smooth stretch; but sooner or later, a bump will come along. In life, nothing is carved into stone when you come into this world, but when you leave, they may carve your name in some piece of gray granite or marble.
Today, people have lost so much in the way of communicative skills, they can’t hold a conversation for dirt. How can anyone hold a conversation with someone, with substance being a part of the conversation, that sits through three or four episodes of Two and half men all giggly, then says it’s time for bed? Going on a mind walk with them would be boring at best, the more conversive person would be talking to themselves after the first minute, or step, whichever came first. Then, the lover of worthless television sitcoms, they go in and get on the computer, chattering away with their fingertips on some social site.
People have become more and more oblivious as to what goes on around them, never a constant struggle to do better, these days, “it is what it is,” so many people live their lives in such a manner; accepting everything that comes their way. Cept God, it’s a shame the way we live today, accept the bad, shun the good; all on someone’s faulty say so.
The human race, it’s slipped so far in the retention of human life knowledge, that an honest Love hast to fight just to be recognized as being a part of life. But, the sexual exploits of a moronic sitcom, now that is life worth watching; no one, not even the viewer, questions the mentality of the person that can sit in front of a television watching the drivel. The sad part is, that the popularity of such shows is so strong.
Back in the year 1783, a man by the name of Noah Webster wrote a book, nicknamed the “Blue Backed Speller,” in the evolution of society, the “Blue Backed Speller,” it became what we know as the dictionary; originally conceived, 232 years ago, as a teaching aid for children to be better students.
But in 2015, there are people in their sixties that cannot use a dictionary, or for that matter a thesaurus; jumping into the conversive little leagues would be a stretch for a lot of people these days. Strange, dubious in their attainment, people from all walks of life want perfection to land gracefully into their laps, but without good social skills? Such perfection will never happen. If that perfection happens, it will be short-lived, mostly because they don’t have the tools within, or, the where with all to retain what they have been given by the Grace of God or pure luck.
The social characteristics of the human race is more important today, than in any other day in history. With this techno age we live in, the tools needed to survive are sorely hidden away in so many people’s ignorance of life and living. Going back to even the last part of the twentieth century, and before, there were people that couldn’t read or write, signing their name with the proverbial ‘X’, in reality, or the reality of life; those people were not stupid.
The people, in the above, today are scorned and laughed at; but they lived good lives. They started business’, they made sure their families had clothes, food and a roof; the illiterate people in the historic human, American landscape contributed to much of all that is good in this country. Today, people ignore the worth of knowledge, wisdom in life, and the contribution that anyone can have; all for the false idols diminishing words.
We as humans have sacrificed so much in our ignorance and stupidity, that dignity and respect have little chance of seeing the stage lights in life’s passion play. The suffering always hits home first, there is no doubt, most of what sets up our life’s foundations, right or wrong, begins at home; then the child takes it from there.
The perfect person has never been invented, and never will be, not in human form anyway. The last and only perfect person that walked this earth, the humans of the day, not unlike today; nailed him to a cross. That is not to say that there are not good people to emulate, but it does beg the question: If there are good people to emulate, why does humanity these days refuse to gravitate towards them without the spoils of our new age normal trying so hard to destroy the good of life?
The adoption of those debilitating normalcy’s have hurt the family as well, no one listens to sage advice, they turn on the television or see some doctor they don’t know to cure their pain. With everything so apparently inherent these days, it seems sad that some member of a family won’t listen to another family member that has worked their way through the same pain. I apologize for showing my distance, or more better, not sharing my sage advice anymore, and don’t look down on me for doing so, because the distance was handed to me first. Family listens, and should be working harder at understanding the diversity in the family.
Life is full of unsubstantiated gossip, but in the family, that unsubstantiated gossip can destroy a family, when filled with anger, from family members that have childhood only memories to base their gossip on, gossip that is baseless in the aftermath of getting older. Sorry my children heard such visions of life, lived through the anger, never hearing the other side of their parents life. A lack of understanding that has put distance between three people, the same distance that can separate anyone at any time, twice now I have been called the “Ass-Hole” by the same person, there won’t be a third. Both the lacking conversations included my children, as they are old enough to live on their own and sit at the table with the big people; yet no one called the person on their actions. That is the way family is, these days anyway, didn’t bother me, been called worse.
But the distance everyone feels from me now, it came to me first, the struggle to hold on, when true conversation ends, when the questions never get asked or answered, when misplaced thought and gossip becomes truth; taking full blame is not anyone’s cross to bear. It is the family members responsibility to get at the truth, to not use other family members words or actions as truth, to be supportive, they need to go to the source for the truth. In life, between birth, longevity in divorce & marriage, and death; there is always a reason that belongs firmly planted in two people. I have been peaceful in avoidance of such tampering, this being my one and only confronting of the issue directly; the minds of my children means more to me then the bruised chin I received; or the abuse I put up with as a child that makes me be more tolerant of the issue.
Life in general is bumpy, it will trip anyone, but some people have more scars than others, some of their own making; while the making of some people’s scars, the culprits never have to answer for the wrong done. Everyone despises the matriarch aspect of family and life, it’s for little wonder that the thought is true. But, it seems that those that have the least attributes of life of or life’s experience, they are becoming the matriarch, it’s the knowledge of life that should help anyone attain that position. Knowledge that is based on integrity, dignity, respect, and most importantly; an honest love of life that fills every action taken and protected in a person’s life.
I have been looking for a quote from a movie I saw as a teen, it has profound meaning, and for years the name of the movie has escaped me. I don’t know if the words came from the writers own life experience or not, but it was the best I have heard from a movie in a formidable long time, well I finally found it:

Sooner or later, it comes your turn, ’cause if you live you get older, and if you live long enough, you get old.
From the movie: Shoot Out
Staring: Gregory Peck
Date: 1971

That quote says it all, once you get the fact that it was part of a movie script out of your mind, you will think that the quote could have been coined by any life scholar. But in today’s world, we are still repeating “I’ll be back” when we leave a room, the bar, whatever door someone may be walking out of at the time. So I will leave the quote with you the reader, just know, sooner or later, life in all its discrepancies will get to you. It’s up to any of us in our oh so perfect lives to see if we can walk on water, or be drowned in our own ignorance.
This site, it’s about what I have learned about life, from the living of life minus any form of escape, it cost the reader nothing to read it, or even to share it, and I really don’t care if I see my name carved in stone; from the beginning to the middle, or to the end, I simply don’t care.
The site is a mind walk, that will hopefully take the reader back to a better shade of normal, written with the ones I Love in mind, whether they realize my Love today or some tomorrow down life’s path; or after I am gone for my Love for them will be true all the same.

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