Old Age

Old Age

“Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age.” -Ascribed to Newton Booth Tarkington, 1869-1946

Like so many young people, when I was young, I was immortal too.
Oh you can bet that there is a fire in each and everyone of us, to do the things we want to do, be in that band that rocks the world, be that movie star, the first female to walk on mars. The fire is there driving you!
There is though, one shinning fact, that fire will go out, and life will not wait on anyone that refuses in their laziness to explore their capabilities.

The fire extinguishers:
Drug and alcohol abuse,
Reckless abandon,
Misplaced Faith in other people that say you can’t,
An honest lack of thought,
Giving up on your dream,
Self degradation,
Afraid to make a mistake so you won’t even start,
Telling yourself that you cant,
A lack of knowledge,
Over thinking the task,
There are more excuses, and reasons, that list is endless.

Most of what we do in our lives is simply filling time, learning a trade, working hard to attain a better life, looking less into retirement than what we are doing at the moment or at least the next year; people are more ready for trout season these days than they are retirement.
One thing is certain, immortalness in humans is a myth, at the age of retirement, the past forty or so years, they will seem like the blink of an eye. So yes, get allot of good memories, savor them, most important; make sure they are beautiful.
Stop following society, society is fickle, the math is not that hard, look at how many people sleep outside a store so that they can get the latest gadget, phone, tablet or whatever; on Christmas no less. In a year they won’t even want what they bought, it was Aunt Mabel’s last Christmas, Grandpa had to go into a home the day after Christmas; but the shopper/camper got their gadget. What a memory!
There are so many people these days that are trying to survive on their SSI, some are getting only $700.00 a month, that list of fire extinguishers; think of the time that a person will have on their hands to look at the memories those things gave them. No family pictures, no antiques to sell in order to pay for food and the heating bill.
God forbid you get sick, lose your savings, sell what little you did have, and no beautiful memories to look back on; in reality, the stress of your new found life will probably overshadow the good memories anyway. So smoke the bowl, get drunk, have a good time.
They have robbed the coffers, that is a fact, our government is so thoughtful with our money. But then, no one complains about the fact that the taxpayers have to put out a half a billion dollars per month so that the government can spray cancer causing chemicals in the sky. Think what that money would do for the retirees, your future.
Good memories are important, when you have to deal with and think of the above, when life is going a little or alarmingly rough; it’s those good memories that may just help pull you through.
And if things are calm, in the solitude filled moments, you can close your eyes and rest your mind on your pillow of beautiful memories.

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