Renew Your Creative Soul

Review of an ad: Renew your creative soul!

Buy this camera, I can understand – be creative, I can understand – take a picture of what makes you happy; but your creative soul? Last I checked, we only have one soul, while being creative is good for the soul, we still only have one soul.

Think of this, we have many ways to take pictures and movies these days, from phones to full on equipment; and seldom will society use those tools for something with an abundance of substance.

How many dark movies, perverted movies from home to screen, stupid “selfies” does the public need? Guess the answer to that question is, when substance and integrity count for more than impressing your friends, and box office receipts.

A school in Portland Oregon had a problem creep up on the faculty, some students were making pornography right there in the school. Now they were using the school property as a backdrop, and the equipment that they were using was probably stolen, or belonged to mom and dad, or belonged to the school.

Where is the “creative soul” in the above? And if we have one soul, then wouldn’t that make the souls of all those involved be just a little tainted? How about those that aren’t looked at, like the faculty, the parents, the friends that didn’t get caught; wouldn’t those people’s souls be just a little tainted also? How many people can think that way any more.

With one soul, the better part of life, or it would seem, that as a person and not a group, but one person, we as humans should be taking better care of our souls and the souls that are in our care (faculty) and our offspring (parents.)

Equally as in the above, the soul in general, is for the most part, taken for granted. The soul is a person’s life’s story book for that time in your life that, well you go to heaven. Your soul is what shows the kind of life that you have had, the person that you are or at least were.

With that in mind, where does the creative soul fit in? Just how many souls can a person have? Why is there such a thing called a soul cleanse? Where did the term sell your soul come from? And why are some children considered old souls? It all boils down to one soul, doesn’t it?

The soul is always something to pay attention to, especially in a relationship, any husband and wife should pay a great deal of attention to older couples that show bits and pieces of their love. Take a more seasoned older married couple of say fifty years, then a couple of say ten years. Both couples invest in their love leaving society’s views at bay, their souls become tied, a natural occurrence given the ups and downs of any relationship as long as there is true commitment to one another, more so if there is Faith in the relationship; too many people underestimate God. Then, life being life, in its inherent discourse of ebbs and tides, one spouse dies.

The investment comes into play after a death occurs, the two souls can be felt touching, some may say that the touching is all in the mind; those that say such things have invested very little in the knowledge of life and in a true and honest love. So they are talking out of their hats, and, deep inside, the naysayers are always wishing they could understand and feel more of what they are discounting as nonsense in the couple who’s spouse is now left behind.

The spouse now left to be the widow or widower, they live their days and lives in the peace that they feel in their souls, the memories, they mourn little as there is little room in the soul for self-pitty; so they, they live within the heart of their deceased spouse. Oh sure, there are ups and downs, tears shed and for years, but those are all a part of love, and the knowledge that resides in the soul is what helps the spouse, now left in wait for their time, to survive without too much tragedy. That is one reason that the survivor never looks for a replacement, “forget what’s here on earth, forget in heaven,” the surviving spouse will never want to forget the true love that waits patiently at heavens gate.

The best and mature way to look at the soul, is not as a bunch of souls, creative or otherwise, no matter what any sales gimmick ad wants you to believe so that they can make a bunch of dollars at people’s expense. The best way, look at the soul as your own history book, containing your love and memories that brighten your day when smiles are hard coming, your self worth is in your soul, the core of who you are is in your soul, that includes the creative side of you. The soul is where you find the ties that bind you to the love you cherish, you can buy a camera if you wish because it’s the latest and the greatest thing to have; but nothing can fill the soul as well as the good that you allow in while filtering out society’s ilk; allowing more room in the soul for something more substance filled; like a beautiful and honest love.

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