A Purple Sunset

A Purple Sunset

Lavender hues line the distant hills, a tranquil seen, filling natures stage from east to west. The Gifford’s kiss to so many a lovers embrace, sitting here with you, knowing you have never savored this glorious painting. Natures hand, what splendor she paints, to be repeated night after winter’s night.
In an hour we will be heading south, to the central valley, the hugs, the wishes for completeness; the unwanted goodbyes that remorsefully come. The unseen silence as we drive, even in the conversive moments often filled with laughter; but you know as you are so intuitive in such manners. You know I carry my own silence inside, shared only with you, my weaker side so safe in your heart.
The sunset on the Gifford, in more than a few hours, we will be seeing the morning sun embrace the bay, the Golden Gate, highway 1 or 101, it will be your choice. Grants Pass, you turn, a fill up, some coffee, a quick walk in the park with our companion. South, along the coast, the sea beside us, the trees ahead. We hear no music, but ours, the depth of conversation; a depth I have always prayed would never end.

N: What is life really for?
D: At times I wonder, certainly not for all the feelings I feel right now. But certainly life is here for us, and our time together.
N: I know, our time is important, but what about the rest of life that we are connected to, it effects us both. I feel your silence, behind your love, your daughter’s, they have that effect on you.
D: I know you feel it, I wouldn’t want it any other way, it shows life is important to me; and that I do know how to love. That is something I always want you to know about me, you never need to question my Love for you. But I wish there was a way to get their attention without starting a tsunami in their lives. Wouldn’t trade you to do it though.
N: You wouldn’t?
D: No!
N: I’m glad to hear that.
D: You asked me to never leave, said I wouldn’t, you’re not tradable! So what is life for? Don’t know, maybe it’s a test to see if we can get it right, guess I feel that way sometimes.
N: I feel that way all the time!
D: That’s your family, you have to put your guard up a little higher with them, Punkin, you have so much beauty in you, I see it when I look at you. You should see what I see!
N: What do you see?
D: Beautiful green eyes, a soft and beautiful smile, a warm and caring nature, and the way you touch me, there is a kindness there that I have never felt before.
N: Your just saying that, aren’t you?
D: Don’t have to say it, but I did, besides, you have never gotten a lie from me; and you know it!
N: Maybe that’s the answer, love.
D: Maybe it is the answer, but not that hippie kind of love, the real thing. Committed, unconditional kind of love.
N: I know you hate that hippie stuff.
D: Good times I guess but very shallow in so many ways. I refuse to love you or my daughters like that. Gotta be a whole lot deeper than that. Why don’t you put so music on.
N: What do you want to hear?
D: It’s all my music, so I like it all. You choose!
N: Here you go then.
D: Some I-80 music, yes I’m the lucky one, thank you Punkin.
N: You must be tired Darlin, almost time to cross the bridge, want to go down to the wharf, see what we can find for breakfast.
D: Sure, won’t be too much out of the way, raw oysters for breakfast.
N: You Wouldnt.
D: Guess people have eaten worse things for breakfast.
N: This I have to see. I love you Darlin.
D: That’s good, because you are the best part of me, love you Punkin. We will be home soon, and there is a bed with our name on it.

Most all of our drives were at night, more peaceful, and the conversations always had substance. And yes, I did have the raw oysters for breakfast.

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