Five Pieces of Paper

Five Pieces of Paper
The best gift the man could receive

This man had a friend, one of the few in his life that would challenge him to be better, He sat down one day after a visit with his friend; then wrote his friend a letter.
My Friend
I am sending you five blank pieces of paper, it is for the story of your life, you decide the ending, the only thing is, the life portion as well as the end, they have to be the truth. You put your name on the top of each page, it is important to do so. I have been trying to tell you that you have a problem, your drugs and alcohol are killing you, they are feeding your depression, and quite honestly, your life is a bore. Your too old to be acting this way, you have lost so much of your efforts in life, that your knowledge and material goods, combined, they wouldn’t fill a thimble.
Maybe, if you won’t listen to your friends and family, then maybe you will listen to yourself, write down what is important, and what you can get rid of. Do it now, and I don’t want to deal with you, until you get this done.
After that, the only thing that matters is what you do, and how you work towards your ending.
Your friend

The man got the mail, there was the letter from his friend, opened it up reading every word; then he became furious. The man called his friend repeatedly, no answer, started calling at different times, no answer; for a week the man called his friend and no words written.
The next week, the man went to his friends house, banged on the door, yelled, banged on the door some more, nothing. The neighbors of the man’s friend called the police on the man, he wasn’t arrested, but he was told to leave. Still no words written.
A month goes by, then another, and another; and still another month goes by. In the fifth month, the man’s friend receives a package from the mailman, he takes the box inside and opens it up.
It was filled with waded up papers, the friend dug through the paper wads, they were his friends writings, erased, rewritten, erased and rewritten again before they were scrapped to be used as packing.
At the bottom of the box was a stack of papers, ten pieces of paper for every piece of paper he had sent his friend, word after word; his friend had done his job. At the top was a note, thank you, you are a real friend.
The friend thought, he should call his friend, see how he is holding up, so he picks up the phone, it rings, he can hear the voice at the other end of the line; the voice was clear and focused.

How are you doing?

Better, thank you! How are you?

Doing good!

I am three almost four months sober and clean. I talked to my children yesterday, they said the want to see me, they also told me that they love me. And I started a job a month ago.

Well, good for you, sounds like it was worth the journey!

It was, thank you for confronting me, no one has ever done that, not even family. They just accepted what I was, then watched me fall. You didn’t, thank you!

Hey, do you want your papers back?

No, did you read them?

No the story was yours, I didn’t have right. Glad it helped.

It did, believe me, it was the best gift I have ever had.

Wanna go get some coffee?

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