Someone says that you are talking in a Parabolic manner, quit it.
First to understand Parables, yes I know they are part of the Bible and Biblical teachings; and yes, Christ used them when he talked to the people in that time.
But why?
To put it simply, people in their running from what they see, or their wishing to hear a story over the truth; they tend to not listen to the facts being laid before them, but they will listen intently to a story.
So, in comes the Parable, the story; it’s as if the truth is better and more widely accepted when shrouded by the curtain of a story. Christ knew the workings and the value of Parables, that is why they are in the Bible.
But when you close the curtains and fall asleep, the world and human action; well, they keep on turning. And when you open the curtains to the morning light, the world is still the same.

By night, an atheist half believes in God.” -Edward Young, 1683-1765

People go to bed at night, their head hits the pillow, and they say: God give me a better world to wake up to! Well that would be more of a plea than a prayer, but the person wants something better in the next day when they wake up, so they are, not that anyone these days would admittedly say that they pray at night before bed, the stigma of having Faith in God is too strong; but the asking for something being better in the morning is in fact reaching out to a higher power.
Why people run so fast from the topic of Faith, calling it a myth, a fallacy, that there is no God, that man wrote the Bible to appease man’s weaker nature; it’s beyond me. When all the while, people flock to fictitious movies, games, and books; depicting stronger more bleaker scenarios than could ever be found in the Bible.
I asked a person once, why they go for the cop shows, and the array of steamy romance novels; they told me, because it’s not real. Just a thought, if it’s not real, and just an escape, and the Bible is not supposed to be real; then why not watch a life affirming movie, a non bloody or violent game, and why not read the Bible at least once before criticizing God and Faith?
Back to the new age, now bloody, violent, sex filled, egotistical, denial filled Parables; but no one is listening or understanding the insanity that they pay good money for.
Conditioning I guess, so what’s your answer? Telling the children of the world the answer would be more productive to attaining the world of peace, every Christmas and New Year’s, people in their momentary quiet moments say: God, give us World Peace, Please, Please, Please, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme???
But no Amen, that would mean a commitment to God, wouldn’t want that, there is a good movie on the television, Batman twenty-five I think….. God will have to wait, and, so, will the world peace . . . have to wait.

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” -Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, 1869-1948

I read today that those jets that put those “For Global Warming” streaks across the sky, dropping all kinds of junk on the earth, that for fifty jets to do their seedy stuff, it cost the tax payers a little over half a billion dollars; for one months flying.
In the thought of better understanding, I tallied up all those charity commercials and their requests, totaling another four to five hundred dollars per month to save the hungry children and abused animals of the world, through names of business and charities that have been linked to fraud; or they may never have been heard of before. But you can get a free t-shirt and a bumper sticker or lapel pin.
The Apathy, the Conditioning, the Complacency, of the masses is becoming atrocious, and the hardst part to understand, for me anyway; is the amount of people that are seemingly intelligent and caring and loving of humanity as well as the earth, yet they sit back and say or do nothing.
And we all, everyone, lives on an orb that is filled with society’s, where the masses thrive on the drama, false religions, unneeded government empowerments, and the list can go on, the names can get bigger; so why continue with such a dark list.
Why not just ask: Why shun the person, that in their heart and soul, believes in God and Faith; why not take some time to ask Why of all of those things mentioned above. The fanatic person, you will know right off the bat, but the wise person, he will be calm; and they will be forgiving in the whatever ignorance the person may have in the topic being discussed.

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