The Biggest Toad in the Puddle was a Boot-Licker

The Biggest Toad in the Puddle was a Boot-Licker

There is not a soul out there that has not had to deal with one, those ego driven managers or owners that was their employer. They made people’s lives miserable, causing people to not care if they kept their job or not, placing fear into the weaker spirited employees.
The stressed out employee’s, they take their stress home with them, controlling their tempers becomes more and more difficult. The next day, it’s all the same, never changes; the only thing that changes is the blame that comes down from the top, through the managers and onto the employee.

Worked for a plumber once, it didn’t matter what your life entailed, family, school; it didn’t matter, he would work you till all hours. Then he would give you a twenty-five cent raise, which he thought gave him the right to yell at you while he worked you harder and longer.

I am not opposed to working long hard hours, if that is what needs to be to get the job done, then that is what it takes. But without respect? For a job well done, no respect, no; that is not good management.

Respect will always honor the good of the masses, in citizenry as well as employees; respect will also weed out the faulty minded that manage or govern.

Worked for a corporation, first to unlock the doors in the morning, and the last to leave. The manager, he just poured more and more work on, it didn’t matter what the deadlines were, he just poured it on. I hired and fired, kept the crew in line, took orders, and he just poured it on. Finally it was time to ask for more money, after doing his work for him and seeing what he was doing with his now free time.
He said I was being very obtuse in my asking for a raise, okay, and what was he with what he was doing out the backdoor? A thief? Soon it went to corporate, there was no choice, my back and dignity was not worth his getting fraudulently richer.

So many at the top carry little in the way of scruples, their world is far removed from the worker, often times, the worker, through their labor can’t even talk to the upper management; it’s like they’re untouchable god’s of the economic workforce world. Well they’re not, they are expendable.

Worked for another company, the manager liked this young guy, the young guy brought the manager cookies, and other foods, jumped at the managers beckon call no matter what the manager wanted; and the young guy laughed at all of the managers jokes. Soon the young guy became a lower level manager, in the end after playing games with other employees timecards, jobs, and generally offending the working or labor force; the young guy quits overnight while leaving his mistakes for which was in the thousands of dollars.
The new manager, not much better, he just knew how to butter up to the upper manager better, he could also cover his mistakes better. The upper manager, he rarely combed his hair or tied his shoes, and he thought that everyone should respect him; that was hard to do without laughing.

In life as in the workforce, expecting to be respected for your worth doesn’t always work out for the best, humanity has slipped a little too much to guarantee even some resemblance of moral normalcy.
The reasons why are simple, two of the most celebrated Movement’s that society has ever embraced. The first, was the Peace & Love or the Hippie movement, it was filled with drugs, a lack of self esteem, and actions that broke every moral code; till the person became tired of the dysfunction and wanted out, then they cleaned up.
The second, was the Upwardly Mobile or the Yuppie movement, they rewrote the code of ethics for the business world, the business world accepted the ideal that workers, if they don’t fit the criteria of the management, being manipulative in manners that brought in more money; then the workers were just that, they were just expendable workers.
So, this is what brought us to today, a world of silent destruction.
Those that responsibly speak against what they see when they look at the world’s wrongs done, in thought of their childrens future, having it as good as they had it with jobs and promotions, a home and food for the family, all with one income; they aren’t the misfits of society.
The true misfits of society are those that blindly follow, at times with destructive actions, using the words ‘this ain’t normal’ when things don’t go right for them; they never look at what the true reason is or who is leading them. It’s recently been proven that a news clip coupled with a race card will do, let’s not give time for the truth to surface, let’s not look; let’s not even try to understand . . . let’s just follow.
While all the while, the rest of society, the masses . . . they sit silent, in their own brand of dysfunction.
A person asked another as they stood looking out a window: What are you seeing?
The other person: Nothing!
The person asking the question stepping to the window, after the other person left, he looks out and sees 6 spent chemtrails crisscrossing the sky; and 5 more being made.
The person that asked the other person what the other person was looking at, looks out the window and thinks: Nothing they say, maybe they; are the truth of the future. In the reality of life, shallowness is filled with Nothing!

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