A Cup of Coffee

A Cup of Coffee

Winter mornings beg for certain things to start the day with, hot cereal, a fire in the fireplace, a good book or a movie. But watching the news in the early hours, that’s not happening, it’s like a bunch of jackhammer’s driving the world of stupid through the screen of the television set.
And all the commercials, annoying is too lite of a word to use, then there is some trollop from Hollywood asking for my last fifty cents, I remember a movie she was in; nah, gotta keep this clean. Don’t get me wrong, I would give my last dollar to someone if they needed it; just not to something I can’t see.
Always wondered though, people make up governments, cept for the ruthless dictator types, but just where are the government’s when it comes to the starving people in their country’s plight? Probably sipping tea with the elites of the world at some embassy, or maybe sitting in the living room at Camp David, drinking beer and talking about everyone’s golf scores.
It’s time to head downtown, see what the Caffeinated Culture is up to, see my friendly Barista. Get some coffee, wake up my senses, see what the weather is doing, don’t know why when outside my window I can still see the snow and ice; my sleepy eyes are awake enough to know it’s still a little colder than nippy.
The parking lot filled to compaction, guess I’m not the only one venturing out on this cold Sunday morning. All the people with their computers, probably looking for a warmer place to hide like Hawaii or Arizona, don’t blame them, one thing is for sure, this whiteness won’t last forever; hope not anyway.

Good morning, are you getting your usual today? The Barista asks me.

Yeah, but fix me up a Caramel Macchiato also, how are you doing, have taken time to breathe lately? I ask the Barista, she is one busy lady when she is not serving coffee, going to school, her studies, and anything else she finds time for to enhance her life.

I did breathe once yesterday, I think. She told me jokingly while making my drinks.

The coffees ready and in my hand, it’s time to look for a place to sit and sip while watching the comings and goings, not to forget the inclement weather left outside. Only one seat left, so, I ask a lady if the seat is taken. The lady looked slightly put out, but she complied, letting me sit at her table.
Sometimes, on Sunday mornings, I get this second long nudge like I should be in church, not really a guilt feeling; just a nudge. The church is not missing me any, and if it was okay for Christ to walk amongst the masses, well; I guess he wouldn’t mind if I do too. I set my coffees down and get comfortable.
Sittng there, I notice the lady isn’t so much upset with my intrusion, she seems more like a bad day has her by the tail, at times; it looks like the bad day is pulling her hard.

The weather, got ya? I ask.

Nah, just family! The lady says in a ruffled voice.

Know what you mean, at times family can be worse than the weather. I tell her.

Tell me about it, just as soon be driving on the ice, it can be that cold at times. The lady states.

I have seen the lady here before, the customer base is very loyal here, get to see most all the regulars as time goes by.

Not hitting on ya, but you have been in here before, can’t remember the frown though, long as we are sitting here, plus the fact that I can’t work in the garden today; I’ve got an ear if ya need one? I tell the lady while taking a sip of my Vanilla Latte.

Ah it’s the love thing! The lady tells me, leaving me to think I was about to hear something that should stay in her bedroom, also thinking; what kind of worms did I open up?

What do you mean? I ask hesitantly.

Well, you know people want love, but it’s like; they don’t know what to do with it when they get it, let alone how to respond. What’s wrong with people these day’s?
I tell my kids that I love them, they look at me and say, me too mom, then go back to their television or one of those computer games. So I thought, I just won’t tell them that I love them, see if they even notice that mom is not responding to them in my usual way; doesn’t even look like they know, as if they don’t even care.
I try to have an intelligent conversation with them and all I get is, is this going to be another lecture mom? No it’s not, I got laundry to do because you all won’t do it, the conversation was done before it had a chance to get started. The lady tells me, with emotion, I could tell that she needed to get it off her chest, she probably feels like she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders; least ways her world.

Where’s your family now, still watching the television? I ask.

Yepper’s, I left them right where they were, didn’t fix their breakfast, just put my coat on and came here. The lady told me with a sign of strength in here voice.
How old are they? I ask her, just to know.

They are teenager’s, too old not to know a little about life, at least enough to appreciate the honest stuff that they get from me. I just can’t understand it all, their is this generation, they say that they never got love, no substance in their lives, and then you have my kids. They get substance as well as love, all they do is toss it to the side along with their smelly shoes. I have to work, have no choice in the matter, but I’m there for them, always figuring that I will have enough life left when they are gone to do the things I want to do; so the time is theirs. Maybe when that time comes I will just take a road trip and find out what is really in Nebraska, everyone says there is nothing in Nebraska, maybe I will just find out if that is true, I won’t even call them, just send them a text and maybe a picture; a sheepish note saying something like this is where I was today, no wish you were here or I love you. The lady says, almost like she can see some peace in a road trip to the center of the country.

Well, all I can say is that you should never give up the I love you’s, the teenager’s will be adults soon, sooner than they might think, they will remember the I love you’s as well as the substance. But a road trip, that might do you some good, when the time comes.
Guess I should get going, you will do okay, hopefully the next generation will do the same; be okay that is, they sure have allot to learn about life in short time. I told her as I stood to leave.

You brought two drinks here, if you got it for someone it’s going to be cold, I am sorry I kept you here so long, my name is Lydia, thank you for the ear. She said in a more peaceful nature.

My pleasure, as far as the coffee, it’s a Caramel Macchiato, the favorite of the Mrs., not to worry, everything taste right in heaven. You just have a good rest of the day, do it with love. See you next time.

As I left, I looked at the snow and ice outside, on my way to the warmth of my ’69’ Blazer sitting quietly in the snow, thinking: Sooner or later the snow and the ice is going to melt in a warmer season, I hope the same for society; or at least for Lydia.

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